How-to: Embed your ShowMe into a Prezi presentation!

This How-to comes to us from Peg Hartwig of Marshfield, WI. One of her students was asked to make a STEM project and discovered the ability to embed a ShowMe into a Prezi presentation. It looks really awesome and she has kindly shared instructions so that you call can make your own.  Make sure to watch the original presentation (and inspiration for this post) Distance of Celestial Bodies in Space.

  1. Upload your ShowMe to your account from your iPad
  2. Log into the ShowMe website and navigate to your name in the top right corner. Hover over it to make a menu appear
  3. Click on “Edit ShowMes” and select the ShowMe you wish to download by clicking “download”. The file will save to your computer as an mp4.
  4. Next, open Prezi and go to the tool wheel to insert a file. Select the ShowMe from your downloads folder and click OK/Upload. The video will appear in your Prezi!
  5. You’re all set to go!
Peg also kindly created this ShowMe tutorial to help you follow along!

Great example of using ShowMe in Special Education!

I came across this great YouTube interview + tutorial a few weeks ago of how to use ShowMe in a special education. Greg Sumner + Deb at Bridgewater Elementary School in Minnesota have been using ShowMe with students to help them self-regulate–excellent idea!

I love that so many of our community members have found a variety of ways to use ShowMe. When the company was created, our mission statement was pretty simple: “To have a positive impact on education and change the way people learn”. Thankfully we built our tools to be extremely flexible so everyone could adapt it for his or her needs!

Check out the video below, and let us know if it helps!


March 2012 Bulletin!

In This Month’s Issue:

1. ShowMe 2.0 is out–with loads of new features!

2. The ShowMe story: spreading our mission!

3. Get connected with the ShowMe community, in person or online!

4. Our Awesome ShowMe Ambassadors

ShowMe 2.0: Full of new tools and features to keep it awesome!

We’ve been working hard since our last release to improve ShowMe so that it can have an even bigger impact on learning and teaching. We listened to all of you and made some massive changes, bringing many of the best aspects of the website straight into the app.

Searching: You can now search the entire ShowMe library from within the app! Looking for help conjugating French verbs? Type it in to the search box, pick from the results, and get your learning on! Searching for a subject and realize you want to keep learning more? After you search, you can also follow any topic or teacher to keep up to date on all of the lessons created!

New Profile: We’re expanding your ShowMe profile in the app to give you a lot more options. View all the ShowMes you’ve ever posted even if they’re no longer on your iPad. Browse the ShowMes you’ve liked or saved to watch later. Unlock knowledge by discovering new videos posted by friends or by simply browsing the topics you follow.

Editing your ShowMe: This is a big one! You can now edit a ShowMe once it has been saved by trimming out mistakes or unnecessary information. You can even trim a long ShowMe into shorter clips and save each one individually!
If you’re just getting started with ShowMe or looking to learn more about each of these new features, check out our recently expanded How-to section of the blog. We’re also continuing to host weekly community video chats on Wednesdays at 5PM EST. To join the next one, please RSVP here for an invite!

The ShowMe story!

In February we visited two classrooms in the NYC area to document how they were using ShowMe and how it has been a tool to help them increase their impact. We used what we learned to tell The ShowMe Story–how we got started and what we’re all about! A huge thanks to George Mauer, Jenn Maichin, and Courtney Zaleski at Mineola Middle School as well as Dana Hagan and John Colford at JFK Intermediate School!

Get connected with the ShowMe community!

We love meeting members of the community and helping to make a difference so, this spring we’ll be hitting the road to continue doing just that. Here are just some of the events that our team or members of our community will be attending. If you have any questions, ideas, feedback or just looking for great conversation, be sure to find one of us!

3/13-3/15: NJECC Conference @ Montclair State University, NJ3/15-3/17: CUE Annual Conference @ Palm Springs Convention Center, CA
3/24: PadCamp Dallas @ Lewisville HS, Lewisville, TX
4/28: EdCamp Boston @ Microsoft NERD, Cambridge, MA
5/5: EdCamp NYC @ Francis Lewis HS, Queens, NY
6/24-6/27: ISTE 2012 @ San Diego Convention Center, CAIf you are attending one of these events or planning on presenting, let us know so we can help spread the word! Email kika[at]showme[dot]com


Join the ShowMe Ambassadors!

Last month we put out a call for ShowMe Ambassadors, looking for members of our community to help spread the ShowMe mission. Our inbox was filled with applications and we’re so pleased to announce that we’ve selected our first group of Ambassadors!  They have already started writing for the blog about their experiences in education, helping to curate all of the awesome videos that are uploaded to the site, and teaching workshops to peers about the great things that ShowMe can do!

Thanks Kyo, Dana, Mike, Gregory, Ixchell, Marko, and Pedro for all of your hard work so far! We’re so excited to have you on board!

Sound like something you are interested in? We’re still looking for a few more Ambassadors so don’t hesitate to apply today!


Please feel free to reach out to us via email, Twitter, or Facebook with ideas and feedback

All the best,

The ShowMe Team

Connect with ShowMe!

Featured community member: Meet Marko Markolovic

This week’s featured community member is Marko Markolovic. He’s also a ShowMe Ambassador and you’ll see Marko’s name around here on the blog more often. Definitely check out his lessons on Economics and Macroeconomics ! Thanks for all of your help Marko!

Tell us about yourself!

I have been a Social Studies teacher for 11 years, the last 4 of which have been at Blind Brook High School, which is 20 to 25 minutes north of New York City. I teach AP Macroeconomics, AP Government and Politics, Law, and Economics to both 11th and 12th graders. Blind Brook High School presents an excellent environment to teach in because of the wonderful and dedicated students. My favorite subject (besides the ones that I teach) really is everything to do with technology and how the educational experience can be impacted by technology.

How do you use ShowMe?

I record my AP Macroeconomics lectures on the ShowMe app and then email my students a handout to help organize the formation of their notes. In the classroom, I try to bring various real life problems that I have students discuss and solve in a collaborative environment. I strive to create an environment where students are using higher order thinking skills and problem solving techniqued to develop a deeper understanding of the course content and the world around them.   In turn, I’m hoping to create well-informed citizens. I also try to formatively assess the students’ understanding to foster an environment where the instruction can be more tailored to individual needs as apposed to a one-size fits all approach to teaching.

What’s the coolest ShowMe you’ve ever seen?

The coolest ShowMe I have seen was on Gerrymandering.  I thought it was well-done and made a complex topic easily understood.

How has technology made a difference for your students?

I think that the ability to rewind, pause, and fast forward has been very effective for my students to review and learn content at their own pace. ShowMe’s have provided students this opportunity, and I have noticed that students are more engaged and more comfortable in learning.

Where do you see education technology headed?

I think that educational technology, for the first time in my career, is focused not on the teacher but on the student and the approach the students takes to learning. I think that, going forward, educational technology is going to require more of the 1:1 formats that we read about having success at reaching every learner, as opposed to creating a one size fits all method of teaching or learning. I think that iBooks Author and digital resources give teachers the opportunity to create material catered to their students, rather than purchasing a physical textbook that needs to be replaced every 5 years. I think that tools like the iPad, the apps associated with the device, and the various Google applications available in the Cloud present the opportunity for students to collaborate and create original content in a meaningful way.   Further, I think the future of technology allows for originality in its use and implementation rather than the cookie cutter, cut and paste sort of educational materials that have existed to date. I think the future of education technology is very exciting; but, in these economic times of do more with less and property tax caps, teachers are going to have to find their own ways to integrate technology at their comfort level. Free applications, like ShowMe, are an excellent resource to help facilitate that process.

When you’re not teaching, where can we find you?

When I’m not teaching or reading about the content that I teach or reading Flipboard or the 5 or so blogs about technology, I am at home playing with my twins, Julia and Jackson, who will turn 9 months old in a few weeks.


Come meet the ShowMe Community to learn more about us!

For the past month, we’ve been having weekly video chats on Wednesdays with new members of the community who are interested in learning more about ShowMe. Not only has this been a great way to meet people as they are just getting started with the app, but its a great way to get inspiration for how you can use it. Now that we’ve found our groove, we’d like to open them up to the entire ShowMe community!

This Google Hangout took place last week!

These chats will be happening weekly on Wednesdays at 5PM EST. The next chat will be tomorrow, February 29th! If you’d like to participate either add me on Google Plus here, or RSVP to the chat and I’ll send you an invite. Can’t wait to meet you and answer your questions!


How-to: Have students use ShowMe to teach each other!

I recently went to 7th grade classroom in Mineola, NY where they proudly declare their classroom motto is “think different!” I was incredibly impressed with the students and teachers and totally jealous of the things they were getting to work on!

One really awesome thing that they told me about was the way they use ShowMe. Instead of the teacher creating lessons to share with students, after assessments the teachers figure out where each students’ strength lies. Students are then assigned a topic or a problem to teach using ShowMe. The last step in the process is to assign a student created ShowMe to another student who might be struggling or need a little extra help with the topic. Students get to learn from and help their peers which is what a 21st century classroom should look like!

If you think this is a great idea for your classroom, here is how to do it:

  1. Give your students an assessment or temperature check for understanding. You can also let them volunteer their favorite part of a unit!
  2. Assign each student a problem set or area of study to teach. They should be able to cover the subject in under 5 minutes.
  3. If you have one iPad in the classroom, set up a station in a quiet part of the room and create a schedule to let students know when they will be creating your ShowMes. If you have a cart or 1-to-1 classroom, let students work on their ShowMes in waves. The room can get quite noisy with 28 students all teaching at once!
  4. Each student should save and upload their ShowMe and then email the link to you. Save these links all in once place on a class website or blog.
  5. Assign these student created ShowMes as review work to help students who need to strengthen their skills!

Classroom visits and filming the ShowMe story!

Since the end of November we’ve been visiting classrooms in the Tri-State area on  a weekly basis to say connected with how ShowMe is being used and also gather valuable feedback. We’d ve learned that students are extremely creative and thoughtful with what they are looking for in an app!

Last week, we re-visited two of these classrooms to film how they are using ShowMe for our own ShowMe documentary short that will be coming out at the end of the month! Take a look at the pics and get excited! Thank you SO MUCH to JFK Intermediate School in Deer Park, NY and Mineola Middle School in Mineola, NY for helping us out!

Mrs. Hagan works in small group with two of her awesome students in Deer Park!





Mr. Colford hard at work with his 5th grade students!




Featured Community Member: Meet Kris Hoppel!

I first spoke to Kris in October when she was just getting started with ShowMe. Since then, Kris has had her nose to the grindstone at school and created some really awesome ShowMe lessons! We’re proud to have her as a member of our community and excited to have her share her knowledge with all of you! To view Kris’s ShowMe Library, visit her profile and get your learning on!

Tell us about yourself!

I am a ’91 graduate of Penn State University with a BS in Secondary Math Education.  I have taught for 15 years in both public and private schools.  I have taught in Spotsylvania County, Va for 8 years, and the last 7 years at an independent private school, Fredericksburg Academy – in Fredericksburg, VA.  I teach high school students and have taught from pre-algebra to calculus.  I am currently teaching geometry, trigonometry, and calculus.  I would say my favorite subject right now is calculus.  This is the first year I have taught calculus and I am really enjoying relearning and working all the problems – my students just shake their head! (so does my husband)

How do you use ShowMe?

I have used show me to review problems in class – students can work problems then watch the solutions – this allows me to roam through the room and help those who need it, while the other students can continue to work and see solutions worked out.  Additionally, I have used it to demonstrate problems students have had difficulty in class or re-explain topics.  Just recently I have started to search out other calculus problems for my students to go home and listen to.  I think this provides them with alternative descriptions to solve a problem.  I also have started watching the calculus problems to pick up on any key points that I might not have taken into consideration – since it is my first year teaching the subject.   I am trying to figure out how I want to hand over my ipad and have the students create some showmes!

What’s the coolest ShowMe you’ve seen?

Currently, the only showmes I have been watching are the math showmes basically because that is all I have time for I think they are all great!

How has technology made a difference for your students?

Technology is something I find myself catching up with to the students, however, this year I am really branching out in all directions.  I think that technology is having a huge impact on how to present topics differently to better help all of my students.  I have used technology to do short online quizzes to help students have immediate feedback.  I believe the use of technology in class can only help my students.

Where do you see education technology heading?

I see technology having the potential to helping teachers to reach all students.  Technology is improving at an alarming rate and it is imperative to help our students to be able to work and adapt in this ever changing age.  With that said it is also imperative for teachers to receive training and administrators and school districts to help move us in that direction.

When you’re not teaching and learning, what can we find you doing?

My favorite things to do when not teaching is hanging out with my family.  I have two children, Jake, a sophomore in high school, and Annmarie, a seventh grader in Middle School.  I like to Jazzercise, run, and read.



2012 Greetings and New app updates!

In This Month’s Issue:

1. Big updates + new features for ShowMe!

3. Learn about ShowMe every week at 5PM EST!

3. ShowMe Ambassadors: We need your help to make a difference in education!

New look and new features for ShowMe!

2012 is shaping up to be a great year for ShowMe and we’ve kicked it off with a big update to the app. Make sure you visit the App Store to download it today!

First up is the completely revamped writing tools that are incredibly smoother, more accurate and overall improved. This will help you label intricate details of a graph, indicate country capitals on a map, or work out a multiple step problem without confusing what you just wrote. When you’re recording a ShowMe quickly on the fly, it’s sure to capture your handwriting legibly and clearly.
We’re also really excited about the new image capabilites when creating a ShowMe. Now, when you need to add an image to your lesson, you can perform a Google image search right from within the app! Just tap the icon, type your search term and pick from the results!
In addition to these big overhauls, we’ve got more to fill you in on!

  • You’ll notice that the tool bar has moved from the right hand of the screen to the top. We listen to the community and decided that increasing the space and setting the record button apart would lead to less accidental stops and pauses. Plus, it looks great!
  • An awesome but invisible update: improved upload time! Now you’ll wait less to see your ShowMe on the web.
  • Subscribing and Friending: We changed the way to follow community members on ShowMe. Subscribing allows you to see all public ShowMes created by a member. Friending lets you see all private ShowMes created, which is great for groups of people or classrooms that are using ShowMe to learn together!

Thanks for sending us your feedback. Keep it coming so we can continue improving!

Learn best practices and meet your fellow community members!

We do our best to talk to as many of our community members as possible each week. Everyone has such great ideas and use cases for ShowMe, we want to share all of them! So, we’re hosting our own weekly Google Hangouts to meet you, share what we’ve learned and talk about ShowMe!

Every Wednesday at 5PM EST we’ll be waiting to chat so add it to your calendar. Please join us if you want to learn more, introduce yourself to us or give us feedback! Need more details or can’t make a session? Email

Join the ShowMe Ambassadors!

We’re so grateful to everyone who has shared ShowMe with a friend, taught a workshop, or sent a tweet with support. All of these things have helped our community grow for the better and we want to encourage everyone to keep up the hard work!


We’ve started the ShowMe Ambassador programto do just this and to give back to all of you. We’re looking for people all over the world who are just as passionate as we are to make a difference in education! The most exciting perk we’re offering is a partial stipend to regional or local edtech events (100% stipend if you are hosting or speaking and a partial stipend for professional development or other offline learning opportunities (like a Skillshare class where you learn to code!)

Sound like something you are interested in? Don’t hesitate to apply today!

Please feel free to reach out to us via email, Twitter, or Facebook with ideas and feedback

All the best,

The ShowMe Team

Connect with ShowMe!

How-to: Use ShowMe for in class presentations!

Today’s blog post is written by Julia Wilson, our awesome community intern, who you will be seeing more of on the blog! 

Have Students use ShowMe as a Replacement for In-Class Presentations

I’ve always been a fan of in-class presentations. From my experience, students tend to put more effort into something when they know it will be shared publicly with classmates. They also tend to gain a stronger grasp of the material when they are required to present it in their own words.
In Short: the students work a little harder and learn a little better.

Now think of ShowMe as a twist on the typical class presentation method. The students are still required to work together, research a topic, and practice public speaking skills while creating a well thought out presentation. But instead of having students preform in-class presentations, break the students into groups and have them use ShowMe to create a presentation instead.


1. Save class time. Student presentations are time consuming and it can be difficult to keep the attention of all students while their classmates present. If each group of students is given an iPad, ShowMe can save valuable class time because each group can create their presentation at the same time.

2. A Great assessment method. After the students upload their ShowMe you will be able to go back and watch the presentation at a convenient time for you. If you wanted the presentations to count as a graded assessment, you could easily go back and watch each ShowMe more than once. (Instead of racing to fill out a rubric for students while they present in-class.)

3. Easy Sharing. It is really simple to share a ShowMe, you can even embed the videos onto your school website! Did one group really create an exceptional lesson? You now will be able to share any of the presentations with other students, teachers and parents as often as you’d like.

So the next time you are considering in-class presentations I challenge you to have your students use ShowMe instead. Be sure to let us know how it works in your classroom!