How-to ShowMe: a lesson in creating a great ShowMe!

We want to help you use ShowMe in your classroom so we’re adding something new to our blog, How-to ShowMe!

You can find our entire collection of How-To tutorials for using ShowMe here. 

Rafranz Davis

We have so many great teachers already who have been sharing how to create ShowMes like theirs so we thought it would be perfect to add it here as well for the whole community.

First up: an excellent post by Rafranz Davis, an exemplary high school math teacher in Dallas, Texas. Rafranz first posted this on her blog in May; make sure you check her out because her writing is a must-see for any educator! You can also follow her on twitter at @mathwhiz.

Today in Algebra 1, I had an opportunity to test out a few apps with my students. The one that we LOVE the most is the one that shows the most promise so far for sharing and creativity.

ShowMeApp gives students the opportunity to do a little whiteboard screencasting on the iPad and it’s pretty amazing. At first, I had issues with the app because there is no way to currently type out the initial equation…but we found a nifty workaround.

To get your equation in a “text” format:
1. Our workbooks/textbooks are in a digital format, so we saved the worksheets in ibook.
2. Zoom in to the equation that you want to solve and use the “screenshot” function of the Ipad take an image.
3. Download the Photoshop Express App(free) and Crop the image down so that the equation is clearly visible.
4. Open The ShowME app and insert image. Before hitting “ok”, resize and move the image to a location that you want.
5. Record

Below is a video of a showme created by one of my students…It’s her first one.


InspireMe Contest – Win an iPad 2!

We like to learn. That’s why we’re looking for the most awesome, informative, and inspiring ShowMes from our community. And guess what? We’ll reward the creator of the ShowMe with the most number of Facebook votes with a brand new iPad 2!

Win an iPad 2!

Do we have your attention yet? Please view additional InspireMe Contest details at

To submit your entry, please go to our official Facebook Contest Page.

Deadline for submissions: Aug 15
Voting period: Aug 16-27
Winner announced: Aug 28

Some ideas for getting the word out about your ShowMe entry and gathering those Facebook votes:

1) Promote your completed lesson on your Twitter, Facebook, personal blog
2) Are you a teacher? Encourage your students to vote/participate to make their own lessons!


ShowMe Blog Relaunch!

Have you checked out recently?

A lot has happened since we last wrote, most importantly – ShowMe’s official launch into the Apple app store! Come download us today for your iPad and give us a test drive.

We really appreciate all the user feedback received, both during the beta phase and post-launch. Huge thanks to everyone for supporting us through the early stages as we continue to learn and evolve the product. Your input is invaluable – keep it coming!

In other news, we had an awesome time mingling with teachers at ISTE 2011. For those unfamiliar with the conference, ISTE brings together thousands of enthusiastic ed tech professionals and corporate representatives from around the world for five days of professional learning, collaboration, and hands-on demonstration of new technologies for the classroom.

Found someone presenting ShowMe at ISTE 2011!We were pleasantly surprised to see one of the ISTE attendees demoing the app 🙂

This is only the beginning for ShowMe and our amazing group of content contributors. Hang tight, there are many more exciting things to come!

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