InspireMe Contest Highlights (Pt 2)

We met the first batch of InspireMe talent in last week’s blog post – check it out! Part 2 showcases more of the fantastic contest entries along with the creators behind the lessons. We can’t wait to see what’s coming next as we enter the school year in full-swing! Terry Woolard Watch now! The State… Read more »

InspireMe Contest Highlights (Pt 1)

We want to extend a warm thanks to everyone who participated in the InspireMe Contest! We witnessed an incredible amount of talent and we want to highlight some of those fantastic contest entries along with the creators behind the lessons. Of course, there’s still a lot of knowledge to be shared, and we look forward… Read more »

Building an ePortfolio: add a ShowMe to the mix!

I’ve spoken to many educators about how they might use ShowMe as a tool in their classroom and the idea of using them in ePortfolios and ePubs has come up many times. This is a fantastic use case and one that I hope to see more educators adopting. Portfolios on a whole provide an opportunity… Read more »

Team ShowMe creates lessons too!

The team at ShowMe is just as dedicated as you to spreading knowledge. For the past two weeks we’ve gathered in a room here at HQ with our iPads to each create lessons to share with all of you! We’re making this a weekly event so watch out for our new uploads. You can see… Read more »

Innovative education, it’s everywhere!

Since our launch, we have seen many thoughtful, informative and innovative lessons uploaded to the site. We continue to be impressed with our community every day! I wanted to take this opportunity to highlight a few ways ShowMe is being used by our community of educators. These examples come from Brette in Melbourne, Australia. As… Read more »

Lifelong learners: where and how to continue your education

We’re all about creating an engaging learning community here at ShowMe that not only assists students as they grow but is also a resource for life long learners. Our wealth of lessons created by our educators will continue to expand and we hope your mind grows alongside it!   That said, there are many ways… Read more »

Featured User #3: Meet Pedro A Tamayo

Meet Pedro A Tamayo, an economics professor from Madrid. Learn about basic economics concepts in Spanish! ShowMe has truly gone global 🙂 Visit Pedro’s awesome ShowMe Portfolio: Keep up with Pedro through Twitter, Facebook, Blog Can you tell us a little about yourself? I teach Economics at the Spanish distance University (UNED), to students… Read more »

Featured ShowMes: 8/12

Multiplying integers: Yvette shares a really fun and creative way to multiply integers. We love her way of showing us how to remember which sign a number takes when multiplied. Thanks Yvette! Please upgrade your browser Indo-European language tree: Blaine created a great explanation for his class about the origins of European languages. This is… Read more »

Making the flip

As mentioned yesterday, there was a conversation bubbling from the overflow of #edchat about flipped classrooms. Many great resources were shared and we thought it would be helpful to post them all here! The flipped classroom (or #flipclass on twitter) is a movement started by Jon Bergmann and Aaron Sams, two high school teachers in… Read more »

#edchat and building your learning community

Today I sat in on the 12PM #edchat on twitter and was totally amazed with what unfolded in only an hour. I can’t emphasize how awesome #edchat is For those of you unfamiliar with how it works, every Tuesday at 12PM EST and 7PM EST a huge group of innovative educators and passionate teachers participate… Read more »