How-to ShowMe: a lesson in creating a great ShowMe!

We want to help you use ShowMe in your classroom so we’re adding something new to our blog, How-to ShowMe! You can find our entire collection of How-To tutorials for using ShowMe here.  We have so many great teachers already who have been sharing how to create ShowMes like theirs so we thought it would be… Read more »

Featured ShowMes: 8/5

Ideas for classroom use: Britt created a great ShowMe about different ways to use ShowMe. We’re huge fans of all the ideas in this one, so any teachers thinking about incorporating ShowMe into their classrooms should check this one out! Please upgrade your browser (a + b)^2: Daniel’s ShowMe is a great example of how… Read more »

Featured User #2: Meet Erica Brown

Hey everyone! This week we had the opportunity to chat with Erica Brown, an Honors and AP Chemistry teacher in Cape Cod with about 20 years of teaching experience. We love her chemistry ShowMes – be sure to check them out! Visit Erica’s awesome ShowMe Portfolio: You say that it has been awhile since… Read more »

Featured ShowMes: 7/29

Metric Conversions: Mr. Black put together a great ShowMe explaining conversions in the metric system. It’s worth sending to any student who are having trouble understanding! Please upgrade your browser Stepping Up in ShowMe: L Homgren created an awesome ShowMe on how to optimize ShowMe. For anyone trying to incorporate ShowMe into the classroom, this… Read more »

Featured ShowMes: 7/22

Along rivers: Robert put together an amazing ShowMe on why early civilizations formed along rivers. “Along rivers” is definitely one of the better ShowMe’s we’ve ever seen, so give it a watch if you have a minute! U-sub demo: Daniel goes through u-substitution in an extremely clear way. For any students or teachers of calculus… Read more »

Featured User #1: Meet Joe Erpelding

We’re excited to present today our first ShowMe Featured User! Meet Joe Erpelding, a principal/teacher in California who has created several awesome math ShowMes including one of our personal favorites, Compare and Order Whole Numbers. Visit Joe’s awesome ShowMe Portfolio: Can you tell us a little about what you do? I’m a principal at… Read more »

InspireMe Contest – Win an iPad 2!

We like to learn. That’s why we’re looking for the most awesome, informative, and inspiring ShowMes from our community. And guess what? We’ll reward the creator of the ShowMe with the most number of Facebook votes with a brand new iPad 2! Do we have your attention yet? Please view additional InspireMe Contest details at To… Read more »

ShowMe Blog Relaunch!

Have you checked out recently? A lot has happened since we last wrote, most importantly – ShowMe’s official launch into the Apple app store! Come download us today for your iPad and give us a test drive. We really appreciate all the user feedback received, both during the beta phase and post-launch. Huge thanks… Read more »