A Timesaver for your ShowMe: OmniGraphSketcher


If you are looking to produce quality graphs without drawing them in your ShowMe, then OmniGraphSketcher is the perfect application for your iPad. The application is available in the app store for $14.99; OmniGraphSketcher gives you the ability to draw high quality graphs for your ShowMe presentations. In the application, you can draw line graphs and import data from Numbers on the iPad to create graphs. By simply touching the text boxes, you can add labels to the axes of your graph and the labels of your lines. Once you have drawn your graphs with the basic drawing system, you can export your graphs to the Photo library of your iPad and then import them into your ShowMe. Once in your Photo Library, you use the images in your PowerPoint or Keynote presentations. This application is intuitive. Despite its price tag, OmniGraphSketcher is a definite compliment to your ShowMes, especially if you are doing a lot of graphing and demonstrations based on your graphs.

I use ShowMe and OmniGraphSketcher together quite often, and I find that they work great together. I can point out the changes in the curves and not have to worry about my handwriting, having sloppy labels on each curve, or explain why they look the way they do in less time (which is always important when you are going to have students watch and take notes from the videos). As the developer mentions and I totally agree it really does take seconds to produce great looking graphs.

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