Using ShowMe to Develop Student Created Math Tutorials

This guest post is written by Kelly Wroblewski, a High School Math Teacher in Austin, TX. She and her coworker and fellow teacher William Kiker assigned a fantastic class project to their students, resulting an an entire website of support materials for their Algebra 2 and Pre-Calculus classes. Check out the website here.  This past… Read more »

A Great Tool for Graphing

WARNING: Math-related content! Handle with care!.. My math teacher in high school was really good at drawing figures and graphs. He could draw a circle almost perfectly with only one move. Though my drawing is good, I am not as good as him. Especially, I have a hard time when it comes to drawing accurate… Read more »

How-To: Email ShowMes directly to Evernote

Evernote is a really fantastic organization tool for both teachers and students.  The notebooks you create can be accessed on your computer, iPhone and iPad. But did you know you can also email your ShowMes directly from you iPad to your notebooks in Evernote? With this strategy students no longer have to worry about losing schoolwork. Teachers can also… Read more »

How-to: Embed your ShowMe into a Prezi presentation!

This How-to comes to us from Peg Hartwig of Marshfield, WI. One of her students was asked to make a STEM project and discovered the ability to embed a ShowMe into a Prezi presentation. It looks really awesome and she has kindly shared instructions so that you call can make your own.  Make sure to… Read more »

How-to: Have students use ShowMe to teach each other!

I recently went to 7th grade classroom in Mineola, NY where they proudly declare their classroom motto is “think different!” I was incredibly impressed with the students and teachers and totally jealous of the things they were getting to work on! One really awesome thing that they told me about was the way they use… Read more »

How-to: Use ShowMe for in class presentations!

Today’s blog post is written by Julia Wilson, our awesome community intern, who you will be seeing more of on the blog!  Have Students use ShowMe as a Replacement for In-Class Presentations I’ve always been a fan of in-class presentations. From my experience, students tend to put more effort into something when they know it… Read more »

How to: Use ShowMe with Speech and Language Learners [Part 2]

Yesterday’s post about using ShowMe with speech and language learners is actually part of a longer series of How-tos I’m going to write. Of all the ways we imagined people using ShowMe, hearing about how it has helped students with learning and speech differences is the most powerful and moving to me. I think for… Read more »

How-to: Use ShowMe for speech and language learning [Part 1]

I’m super appreciative of everyone who emails and tweets all of the awesome ways that they’ve been using ShowMe. Today’s How-to was inspired Dana Hagan, a speech + language pathologist in Deer Park, NY who’s class I had the privilege of observing last week. In Dana’s class, the 5th graders were learning about the Gold… Read more »

How-to: Use ShowMe as a center in the classroom

On one of the school visits that San and I have been taking lately we visited a 9th grade Algebra classroom to learn more about the types of learning taking place on a daily basis. Our wonderful hosts at FDR High School were Brian Halling and Arisa King, who welcomed us enthusiastically to watch how… Read more »

How-to: Let your students take the lead

We’ve had loads of teachers creating ShowMes over the past several months and they are really awesome ones at that. Lately however, I have been hearing about more teachers putting iPads in the hands of their students which I think is an excellent idea. Teaching a concept or process is a great way to demonstrate… Read more »