Introducing ShowMe School Library

ShowMe is excited to announce the launch of the most-awaited feature of the year – the personalized school library, a new way to stay connected and share practice with teachers in your district, as well as to organize and track your school district content! School districts that subscribe to ShowMe receive access to a centralized… Read more »

ShowMe of the Week: Greenhouse Effect

This week’s ShowMe will introduce you to the one of the causes of global warming – the greenhouse effect. In her ShowMe titled Greenhouse Effect Sharon Churchwell gives a detailed explanation of the greenhouse effect with real-life examples. She describes how water vapor, carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide contribute to greenhouse effect. Understanding the greenhouse effect is one… Read more »

ShowMe of the Week: Photosynthesis

Photosynthesis is the process where plants use the sun energy to turn light into chlorophyll. It is considered as the most important chemical process on earth. This week’s ShowMe by Ginger Briggs describes the process of  photosynthesis and how plants are able to create their own food and how they provide food and energy for all living… Read more »

ShowMe of the Week: Color Wheel

The ShowMe of the week called “Color Wheel” explains the pattern of mixing colors and creating new ones. In this video Haylie Hales introduces the right way of ‘playing’ with colors  and explains the main logic of the color wheel that must be followed in order to succeed in the whole process. Particularly the hierarchic arrangement of… Read more »

ShowMe of the Week: Understanding the Positive and the Negative Space

Different words can be defined in various ways depending on people’s mentality and approaches. For example the word positive is always associated with good and beneficial approaches of an event or an object, while the word negative has the opposite definition. In a ShowMe video called “Positive and Negative Space” Nikkie Milner explains the idea… Read more »

ShowMe is a proud signatory of Student Privacy Pledge.

We are proud to announce that ShowMe is a Student Privacy Pledge signatory. By signing the Pledge we do commit to follow appropriate standards for student privacy and data security. The Student Privacy Pledge developed by FPF and SIIA requires signatories to maintain “a comprehensive security program that is reasonably designed to protect the security… Read more »

ShowMe of the Week: Financial Planning

This week’s blog reveals the main concepts of financial planning. Our Master teacher Spencer Leu, CFP Professional, is prone to believe that financial planning is one of those essential skills that isn’t taught at schools but must be learned by anyone. Mr. Spencer Leu’s course will provide you with basic insight on such topics of… Read more »

ShowMe of the Week: Paper Mache Fish

ShowMe of the Week Paper Mache Fish This week let’s try to make a Paper Mache fish. Did you know that regardless its french name Papier-mâché (literally- chewed paper) has originated from China, where archaeologists have found old Chinese armors and helmets belonging to Han Dynasty(202 BC to 220 AD). In those days, Paper Mache… Read more »

ShowMe of the Week: Fall of The Roman Empire

We suggest revising the Fall of Roman Empire this week. No doubt, you remember that the Roman Empire was a government headed by emperors occupying a territory around the Mediterranean Sea in Europe, Africa and Asia. The Roman Empire left an imperishable trace in all European lands, wherever the victorious roman legions stepped in while the stone… Read more »

ShowMe of the Week: The Brain

The human brain is an amazing organ responsible for the functions of the body and interpreting information from the outside world.  Receiving information through touch, smell, taste, hearing and sight human brain governs our emotions, creativity and intelligence. In this way brain controls our thoughts, memory, speech and movements. Enclosed in the scull, the brain… Read more »