The Fresh New ShowMe 7.0

“The Showme videos allow me to give personal instruction to students who may need repeated views of the lesson. My students are excited to see the newest video.”   –Nicole Washington, Math Teacher at East Hartford Middle School Get as excited as your students for the newest update of ShowMe! We had you in mind with… Read more »

Student Conferences – made easy with ShowMe

With a new school year already here, you may find yourself already reflecting on how to grow as an educator over the next 9 months.  Maybe you’ll try using a new classroom management style, that cool new tech tool, or just keep your “To Grade” stack shorter than your coffee cup. Or maybe loftier, year… Read more »

Featured Application: Homework Help & Home Extensions

  “When teachers design homework to meet specific purposes and goals, more students complete their homework and benefit from the results” – Epstein & Van Voorhis   Effective educators are always looking for ways to bridge the gap between school and home.  However there can always be challenges for extending learning beyond the school day…. Read more »

Announcing ShowMe 3.0!

We are so excited to announce the release of the newest version of ShowMe! In this version it becomes easier than ever before to follow new people, discover great content, and watch ShowMes easily. Big Changes: The Look: Unlike older versions, We now have 3 columns at the top of the page. Activity, Explore and… Read more »

ShowMe 101, The Basic Steps to Begin Creating!

So you’ve downloaded the app, created an account and you’re ready to create your first ShowMe? Awesome! Here are the basic steps to create a ShowMe, upload and share your lesson. Pro Tips before we begin: 1. Always speak clearly! 2. Always be writing! (Just listening to voice can be dull) 3. Try to keep… Read more »

How-To: Download, Delete or Edit your uploaded ShowMes.

Would you like to download your ShowMe into an .mp4 file to watch offline or burn to a CD? Or maybe you accidentally uploaded a ShowMe and you would like to edit the title or delete it all together. It is very easy to do these things on the website! Here’s how: original levitra 500mg… Read more »

HowTo: Add a Tile to your iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch Homescreen

Many teachers have told me their students watch ShowMes on their iPods and iPhones using the Safari browser to access Did you know you can save webpages you open in Safari directly to the tiles on the home screen of your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch as if they were apps? You can watch… Read more »

How-to: Use a screenshot from your computer with ShowMe

Although its now easy to find images of almost anything within the app thanks to our new web image search, sometimes you need to grab a piece of text right from your computer. In these cases, its extremely helpful to know how to take a screenshot of what is on your computer screen. With a… Read more »

How To: Prepare before recording your ShowMe

Please upgrade your browser Before you hit record you can add text and images the same way you would while recording. Doing this prep work before you record creates a smoother more concise  ShowMe for viewers. Images: You can chose photos from your photo library, take a photo or (the coolest option) search for an… Read more »

How-to: Use the Pause, Undo and Clear-all buttons when Creating a ShowMe

Please upgrade your browser Using Undo: Using the Undo arrow in your ShowMe works similarly to most other Undo buttons. Clicking the half-circle arrow will allow you to remove the very last thing you have done in your ShowMe. It can undo text, photos or accidental marks you might have made. If you click Undo again… Read more »