How to edit a post in a group?

Editing a post is very valuable when you want to mark some particular parts of your students’ work, point out mistakes, write a comment or just grade tests or homework. It is also essentials when you publish a slide lesson and your students can mark parts they don’t understand. This feature works only with lessons submitted as slides, not videos. … 


How to edit the voice recording?

Probably sometimes you are not satisfied with the final results of a video you have created – there is someone talking in the background, you can hear the noise coming out of the streets or you just said something wrong or not completely clear. It doesn’t mean that you need to create the whole lesson from the very begin!

There are a few ways to change the recorded voice while uploading the video or even after that! You can remove the whole audio or just a specific part you don’t like. Let’s make your experience with using the ShowMe app as great as possible!



How to add and edit images?

One of the main goals of ShowMe is to give you the opportunity to create amazing, creative and interactive videos and slides. In order to do this, we provide you a feature to import images from different sources. You are able to download pictures from your device, Google Drive, Dropbox or search for them on the web! And of course, it is all incredibly easy to do!



Upload ShowMe slides and videos directly into Google Drive

As a classroom aid, one of many purposes of ShowMe is to provide an intuitive tool that helps make your teaching as simple and stress-free as possible. While creating presentations from within the ShowMe app is very convenient, until now it wasn’t always easy to take your work with you. Today, we are thrilled to announce our Google Drive full integration.



How to use ShowMe on desktop

ShowMe is optimized from the ground up for mobile use, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t do plenty from your workstation. By accessing your ShowMe profile page from the ShowMe website, you can edit your profile, create courses and groups, view and edit your existing courses, and more. Any changes that you make will immediately carry over to the ShowMe app on your tablet.


Getting the Most Out of ShowMe Slides and Videos

ShowMes take two main forms: slide presentations, and video presentations. Slides consist of static images with written or drawn content, while video presentations allow you to narrate your drawn or written actions while performing them. Both of these options are available for use with your free ShowMe account, along with the ability to save up to 15 minutes’ worth of ShowMes.