How to edit the voice recording?

Probably sometimes you are not satisfied with the final results of a video you have created – there is someone talking in the background, you can hear the noise coming out of the streets or you just said something wrong or not completely clear. It doesn’t mean that you need to create the whole lesson from the very begin!

There are a few ways to change the recorded voice while uploading the video or even after that! You can remove the whole audio or just a specific part you don’t like. Let’s make your experience with using the ShowMe app as great as possible!



Introducing: ShowMe-Scriba Program

There is nothing more important for us than constant improvement and creating your experience of using our app even more enjoyable. In order to make it happen, we just started a new partnership with awesome Scriba tool. As a benefit of this cooperation, we are creating a very exciting program for our users, where you can test the Scriba stylus with the ShowMe app and share your experiences with teachers around the world!