Introducing Closed Captions

Starting today, you can caption all your ShowMe videos and give your content the polish it needs to reach everyone in your classroom.

ShowMe’s closed captions feature is a premium feature that is relevant to all ShowMe educators, including anything from the Kindergarten level to university instructors or professors. There are three main goals that this feature encompasses: helps to seamlessly add subtitles to online courses and meet the educational requirements, makes quality education even more accessible to students around the globe, and provides so many more benefits that improve your classroom experience.


ShowMe Premium: Analytics

Any teaching tool should come with a powerful analytics tool, and ShowMe is no exception. Using the analytics feature, you can track your students’ activity on both a cumulative and an individual level, identify points with which your students are struggling, and generate detailed progress reports for each student in your class.



ShowMe Premium: Using the Website

One of the many advantages that a ShowMe premium membership has to offer is the ability to manage your students and your content right from your account page on the ShowMe website. While you can upload ShowMes to your account on the website with a normal account, upgrading to premium lets you add entire courses, classes, and groups, among other perks.