How To: Prepare before recording your ShowMe


Before you hit record you can add text and images the same way you would while recording. Doing this prep work before you record creates a smoother more concise  ShowMe for viewers.

Images: You can chose photos from your photo library, take a photo or (the coolest option) search for an image on the web! If you insert an image you will see a tool bar underneath. This tool bar allows you to delete the image, rotate it, and move images to the front or back of your screen (which is handy when you have multiple images.) You can also resize your ShowMe by pinching the image in to shrink or out to grow with two fingers.
**Tip: if you are going to be using a lot of images in your ShowMe it can be useful to layer images on top of one another before you record for a smoother transition between images while recording.
Now that you have prepared for your ShowMe, hit record and begin! 🙂

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