Tips for Teachers: How to Explain Essay Writing to Your Students

As an educator, you have a responsibility to motivate your students to acquire skills that are necessary for their progress. In college, they will have to write a great number of challenging papers, assignments, reports, and other types of academic content. You have a mission to teach them how to express their thoughts clearly in… Read more »

ShowMe and Google Forms

Last week, I wrote on this blog about the advantages of using Google Forms with your ShowMe videos. Well, I must say that Google Forms is a powerful intuitive tool for the classroom. Even if you are not in a 1:1 school (with iPads or computers), Google Forms presents an opportunity to get real time… Read more »

The Meaning of Poker Chips

1997-98 was my first year as a teacher. I worked at a private school in Cincinnati as the middle school intern. I still consider that year to be the most important year of my professional life because it left no doubt in me that choosing education for my career was the absolutely right choice. I… Read more »

My humble experience

I still remember my first lesson introducing ShowMe to my students. I had concerns; would students be able to connect to the website and watch the videos, would they like the videos, would they enjoy working on the subject via their laptops, etc. I was really excited;  this was my first time that I integrated… Read more »

Caine’s Inspirational Arcade

Have you seen the video about Caine’s Arcade? It’s about a nine year old boy in Los Angeles who creates an arcade for customers at his father’s used auto parts store. The documentary is ten minutes long and talks about Caine’s creation and how he started the arcade as some of the games he’s developed…. Read more »

A 100°F (38°C)-warm Hello from Abu Dhabi

One morning, Cynthia popped in my cubicle and said “Hey, look what I’ve found”. Since she had all her kids grown up, unlike me, with a 5-year-old-daughter sticking to me until bedtime, she had more time than me finding interesting gadgets in the Internet. With this in mind, I turned to my American colleague with… Read more »

Would Socrates like Socrative?

During my school’s adoption of a 1:1 iPad program this year, I have discovered several apps that have played significant roles in student learning and achievement. At the top of that list has been Socrative, a self proclaimed student/audience response system. It’s accessible through an app on the iPad as well as through the web…. Read more »

How to use ShowMe to record app tutorials?

Just the other day I was thinking about how I could use the ShowMe app to walk students through an app demonstration so that I could show them to my students or other teachers that may want to use an iOS app. What I came up with is a very simple process that I think… Read more »

Works in progress

When talking about students in the moment we too often hold them to who they are at that time. If they are serious and studious, we assume that that is who they will be for life, same with the students who are argumentative, disrespectful, or underachieving. In the middle of a school year it’s difficult… Read more »

ShowMe and the Common Core

ShowMe provides access to higher-level learning activities. Here in Kansas, I think we’ve done a great job of testing the lower domains of the Bloom taxonomy since 2003 — the “remember” or “know,” “understand,” and “apply” domains. The new Common Core standards are meant to drive testing and teaching to the higher domains — the… Read more »