How to send your ShowMes without using email or the website?


The last few weeks I have been thinking about and playing around with several different ways to send out my ShowMe videos without book marking the website or sending them out via email. I came up with what I think may be an effective way to connect your handouts to a particular video lesson that you have recorded. All it takes is a QR code. QR codes, for those of you who do not know, are matrix barcodes that can be used to send a person to particular website. Most QR codes appear in magazines, websites, flyers and other assorted materials that companies have used to attract customers to their websites for promotions or to purchase particular goods that they are selling. You may be asking how do I use QR codes? Here are the steps:
1. I develop my Google Form or ShowMe video.
2. I go to any of the websites that allow me to input the website of the link into the QR code generator on the website.This will generate the QR code, which will be unique to your website or the website that you want the students to have access to. Once it is generated you can copy and paste the QR code to any word processing application, PowerPoint or Keynote, and or PDF file that you have created.
3. I ask my students to go to the app store of their particular phone (it doesn’t matter whether it iOS, Android, Windows or Blackberry) and download a free QR reader (it doesn’t matter which one because they all typically are free.) You can place the QR code on a handout or in a PowerPoint and ask students to scan the QR code once they have the reader on their smartphone.
4. Now students can get to your ShowMe or Google Forms faster than before.