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ShowMe of the Week: Financial Planning

This week’s blog reveals the main concepts of financial planning. Our Master teacher Spencer Leu, CFP Professional, is prone to believe that financial planning is one of those essential skills that isn’t taught at schools but must be learned by anyone. Mr. Spencer Leu’s course will provide you with basic insight on such topics of Financial Planning like Budgeting, Insurance, Estate planning, Retirement.

He wanted to share this important information with students, teachers and ShowMe users. Hope you find this information relevant for you.

You can find more on this topic in Introduction to Financial Planning course.


ShowMe of the Week: Paper Mache Fish

ShowMe of the Week
Paper Mache Fish

This week let’s try to make a Paper Mache fish.

Did you know that regardless its french name Papier-mâché (literally- chewed paper) has originated from China, where archaeologists have found old Chinese armors and helmets belonging to Han Dynasty(202 BC to 220 AD). In those days, Paper Mache armors were the most technologically advanced defense equipments: they stood the hit of an arrow and the sweeping blow of a sword. Along with good strength due to multi layer varnish coating, paper armor is very little weighed, allowing the soldier to move quickly in battle. Nowadays traditional Paper Mache coating paste is made of flour water and salt. Take a look at a series of ShowMes explaining how one can easily make a Paper Mache Fish and try it on your own. Good luck!

Step 1. Preparing the bottle

Step 2: Masking Tape Layer

Step 3: Begin Layers Of Paper Mache

Step 4: The White Layer Of Paper Mache


ShowMe of the Week: Fall of The Roman Empire

We suggest revising the Fall of Roman Empire this week. No doubt, you remember that the Roman Empire was a government headed by emperors occupying a territory around the Mediterranean Sea in Europe, Africa and Asia. The Roman Empire left an imperishable trace in all European lands, wherever the victorious roman legions stepped in while the stone ligature of Roman architecture survived to this day.

In 285CE Roman Emperor Diocletian ordered to divide the Roman Empire in two halves: Western Empire and the Eastern Empire or Byzantium.  But what made the emperor to make such a decision and what brought to the Fall of Roman Empire in 476CE? An analysis of political, social, economic and military reasons of the Fall of Roman Empire by Kristin Glaeser – world history teacher at a middle/high school in Charlotte, will help you to gain a deeper insight into the history of the word’s greatest superpower.


ShowMe of the Week: The Brain

The human brain is an amazing organ responsible for the functions of the body and interpreting information from the outside world.  Receiving information through touch, smell, taste, hearing and sight human brain governs our emotions, creativity and intelligence. In this way brain controls our thoughts, memory, speech and movements.

Enclosed in the scull, the brain is composed of tree parts: cerebrum, cerebellum and brainstem. This week’s ShowMe will help you to better understand the anatomy of the brain and it’s functions. Check out a ShowMe by Dale Ledford, Assistant Professor of Biology at Northeast State Community College explaining the brain anatomy.

If you are interested in anatomy, check out Dale Ledford’s page for descriptive ShowMes about different parts of human body.

In addition, here are 5 interesting facts about human brain that you might not be aware of:

  1. One can not tickle himself. The fact is that the human brain is tuned to percept the external stimuli, so not to miss important signals in the flow of sensations caused by his own actions.
  2. Yawning helps the brain to wake up.Yawning is often associated with lack of sleep and boredom, but in fact it helps a person to wake up. During yawning, the throat expands, which makes it easy to get more oxygen, which then moves into the blood, making us more cheerful.
  3. The size of the brain does not affect the intellectual abilities of man. According to researchers, the intelligence depends on synapses – contacts between neurons. The number of synapses grows in the childhood and adolescence of a person’s life and affects the intellect. The most rapid development of the brain occurs at the age of 2 to 11 years.
  4. The human brain uses less energy than the light bulb in the refrigerator. Messages between the brain cells are transmitted by electrical signals. At the same time, 12 watts of energy is used – less than for a bulb in a refrigerator.
  5. The brain is like muscles, the more you train it, the more it grows. Moreover, the more educated a person is, the less is the likelihood for brain diseases. Intellectual activity causes the production of additional tissues that compensates the ailing ones.