How-to use the new Explore

You may have noticed that ShowMe has changed lately. We’ve completely redesigned the app to making learning easier!

To get started with the new ShowMe Explore here’s a guide:

  1. Browse your recommendations! We’ve provided personalized recommendations for you
  2. Browse by categories! Now, when you tap on a category, all of the subcategories will be revealed. This is a great way to browse featured ShowMes by subject.
  3. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Tap the search box to type what you’re looking for. Your search results can be filtered by topic, people, or ShowMes!

New ShowMe Feature: Adding student accounts!

We’ve been working hard this summer to add some new features for the school year. We noticed that many teachers wanted the ability to manage student accounts and that students often do not have access to email. So, we built an easy way for you to create student accounts! Email is not required and teacher’s have total oversight over what kids are up to.


First, open up ShowMe and tap Activity. Look for the green button that lets you Find more people to follow




Second, in the bottom left corner side of the screen that appears, tap Create a student account




Next, enter your student information. Remember to indicate if they are under age 14! Tap Create Account when you’re ready




You’re done! You’ll receive and email with the login information and password which you can give to your student.



If you’d like to change the username or password, just login and navigate to the student’s name in the top left corner of the app. Tap it and select Settings to make changes.


How-to: Zoom in and out when creating a ShowMe!

So, I just want to let you all know, this will change everything. Well, it has for me at least! Last week Marko wrote a great post about using ShowMes to create tutorials about using other apps and mentioned an iPad feature that I had pretty much forgotten about. This feature is the zooming feature which is one of the Accessibility tools that are included on every iPad, you just need to know how to turn them on!

The most awesome thing that zooming lets you do is to add smaller details to your ShowMe that might be a little more difficult to do on the regular screen. Perhaps you’re drawing the angles of a triangle, labeling a map, or writing the coordinates of a graph. Zooming in will let you get closer on the ShowMe screen and write those smaller things while still being completely legible. Messy handwriting be gone! You could even start on a zoomed in screen if you know you are going to be using up a lot of space in one screen–a great tip for when younger children are solving problems using ShowMe!

Here are the simple steps to turn on and use Zooming. Just remember, your ShowMe won’t record the zooming in and out, just the smaller details. However, zooming is a feature we are working on building!

  1. Open Settings on your iPad and choose General
  2. Scroll down to the bottom of this section to select Accessibility
  3. Tap on Zoom and flip the button on.
  4. When you open up your ShowMe whiteboard, take three fingers and double tap to start zooming.
  5. Drag up to zoom in and drag down to zoom out. Double tap to go back to the original screen.
  6. If you decide to zoom again, when you double tap it will automatically zoom in to your previous setting. You can adjust this by dragging up or down each time you use the tool.
Good luck and let us know how it goes! Once again, thanks to Marko for the inspiration.

How-to: Add text to your ShowMe

I hear a lot how people are getting creative when adding text to their ShowMes and as was pointed out to me yesterday by Marko and Jim Teague, a new community member, there is a super simple easy way to do this with just your Camera Roll and Evernote, both free apps. Follow these easy steps and you’ll have super looking ShowMes in no time! These steps can actually be used for editing any image to a ShowMe, for more on that, see Marko’s post.

  1. Open up Evernote, and start typing. This can be instructions, problems to solve, or just labels. Adjust the size and font as you need.
  2. Take a screenshot of your text by clicking the Home button + Sleep button at the same time. You’ll see your screen flash, which is how you know it has taken the photo.
  3. Next, open up your Camera Roll from the Camera App and select the screenshot you’d like to edit.
  4. At the top of the screen you’ll see an Edit button, tap it and at the bottom you’ll see Crop.
  5. You can drag the image around and the corners of the selection box to select the part of text that you need. Most people decide to trim the rest of the screen and keep just the text
  6. Import the cropped image into your ShowMe the same way you would any other image.
You’re done! Good luck!

Helping the community: Why topics matter!

As I’ve said many times, ShowMe is more than a tool to help you create great lessons. We’re a community for learning and collaborating and we would be nothing without your help! Every time you vote or follow a great teacher, you’re making sure our community grows and keeps on getting better. Thanks!

For a while now, with the help of ShowMe Ambassadors and some other awesome people, we’ve been undertaking a topic tagging project. Every time a ShowMe is uploaded with out a tag, we watch it and add it to a category. If a ShowMe is uploaded with only one topic tag, for example “Chemistry” we’ll add a super topic (Science) and a sub-topic (Molar Mass). Having these tags helps community members find exactly what they’re looking for and it also helps us find the best ShowMes to feature in every subject! Every week we have more and more ShowMes uploaded and as a result, we’re going to rely on the community for assistance in making sure everything organized.

Where we need your help: If you watch a top-notch ShowMe and you notice it doesn’t have a topic to live in, please add it by clicking the + Add Topic link in the top left corner above the video player. As you start typing, topics will appear and you can select the appropriate one from the list. When you create your ShowMes and upload them to the World, don’t forget to add topics!


ShowMe in action: Visiting PS 55!

Last week, Julia and I had the pleasure of visiting two ShowMe super users at their School in Staten Island. Eddie Vaccaro and Jessica Russo are both Special Education teachers, in the 3rd and 5th grade respectively, and ShowMe has been a great tool in their classroom toolkits to help differentiate lessons for students.

When we arrive, Jessica was working on Social Studies with her students. As part one of the unit, a small group of students used laptops and watched a ShowMe that she had created about the Inuits. As they watched, Jessica was there to answer questions, interact with students and guide them. Since they are 5th graders, she stressed to us that helping them gain independence in their learning is very important, and that ShowMe has been a great tool to drive this skill! Several of the students took notes while watched which would also be helpful to them during the next day’s conversation about what they had learned.

Next up we visited Eddie Vaccaro in his 3rd grade classroom where students also broke up into small groups to watch iPads together. They had a set of questions and problems to solve that Eddie and his Co-Teacher had created and as they watched his ShowMe, they periodically paused (as instructed in the video!) to work on these problems. It was so cool to walk around and hear the students conferring with each other about how to solve a question. Although the learning was guided by Eddie’s ShowMe, the emphasis was on team work and helping each other! Eddie has also been sharing these ShowMes with parents of his students, who enjoy watching them so they can support their children, but also as a refresher for themselves!

Thanks for letting us visit PS 55!



March round up and our InspireMe contest!

In This Month’s Issue:

1. InspireMe contest! Details on how to show off your skills!

2. Tutorials and use cases for ShowMe

3. We want to meet you!

ShowMe InspireMe contest!      

ShowMe is excited to show off all of the great lesssons that have been shared to the community and we’re looking for more superstar teacher to add to the already impressive library!

We’re setting up the ShowMe InspireMe contest to do just that. We’ve selected 6 categories across the community for you create ShowMes in. We want YOU to show off your knowledge skills and help students around the world have access to excellent resources. Lets make the possibilities for learning endless!


Rules are Simple:

  1. Teach something AMAZING!
  2. When you’re done, save, tag and upload your ShowMe then send it us on Twitter or Facebook. Make sure to include #InspireMe when you share! Bonus points go to anyone submitting more than one ShowMe in a series.

The steps to winning are in your hands. Let your students, colleagues, aunts and uncles know that you are an awesome teacher. Send them the link to your ShowMe and make sure they vote by clicking the Like button on the page. Encourage them to vote for ShowMes in other categories too! We’ll keep track of your likes and be publicizing the leaders every day. On April 14th, we’ll announce the winners!

Now that you’ve got the details, get to work! Submitting past ShowMes is encouraged, the more the merrier! Full details on the InspireMe Contest here.

Tutorials and use cases!

We’ve been hard at work with the help of our Ambassadors bringing you the best ways to use ShowMe. Be sure to check the blog and our brand new Tutorial and Use Case sections to help you maximize how-to use ShowMe. If you have your own ideas to submit, please let us know!

This evergrowing resource includes:


We love our community and we want to meet you!

Here are just some of the events that our team or members of our community will be attending. If you have any questions, ideas, feedback or just looking for great conversation, be sure to find one of us!

3/28-3/31: TESOL@ Philadelphia Marriot, PA4/26-4/27: San Francisco, CA- Let us know if you want to meet up!

4/28: EdCamp Boston @ Microsoft NERD, Cambridge, MA

5/5: EdCamp NYC @ Francis Lewis HS, Queens, NY5/19: EdCampPhilly @ University of Pennsylvania, PA

6/24-6/27: ISTE 2012 @ San Diego Convention Center, CAIf you are attending one of these events or planning on presenting, let us know so we can help spread the word! Email kika[at]showme[dot]com



Start submitting your entries for the ShowMe today! If you’re new to ShowMe or just want to chat, make sure to RSVP for our weekly community video chat!

Please feel free to reach out to us via email, Twitter, or Facebook with ideas and feedback

All the best,

The ShowMe Team

Connect with ShowMe!

How-to: Use a screenshot from your computer with ShowMe

Although its now easy to find images of almost anything within the app thanks to our new web image search, sometimes you need to grab a piece of text right from your computer. In these cases, its extremely helpful to know how to take a screenshot of what is on your computer screen.

With a mac, this can be done very easily with just tapping a few keys. To select only a portion of your screen or a body of text:

  1. Tap Command + Shift + 4, all at the same time
  2. Your mouse will turn into a small + which you can click and drag around your desired text
  3. Let go of your mouse and you will find the image saved to your desktop.
  4. Email the screenshot to yourself then open and download to your photo library on your iPad. It will be waiting for you when you go to insert a photo on the app!
If you’d like to take a photo of your entire screen and don’t need to edit anything out:
  1. Tap Command + Shift + 3, all at the same time.
  2. You’ll find the image on your desktop and you can follow step 4 above to get it on to your iPad!
Thanks to C. Harun Boke for suggesting this How-to!

Connecting ShowMe community members around the world!

When we decided to create a community for ShowMe, we had one main goal: To allow educators and students from around the world to connect with each other and extend their impact beyond the place they lived. We’re working hard to make that happen and  so I was really excited when I received an email recently received from a ShowMe community member.

Michael Mitchell, a ShowMe teacher that I admire and who’s classroom I have visited, is a Japanese Language Teacher in New Providence, NJ. He has created 45 excellent lessons so far that are proving to be extremely helpful to his students and now, to students across the globe! He sent me an email last week to let me know that he’d just been contacted by Anna Yamaura, an awesome Japanese Language Teacher from Australia. Her students have been using Michael’s ShowMe lessons to study and have found them very useful too! How cool is that? Hopefully this will lead to some great collaboration projects for the two classrooms.

I definitely want to encourage everyone to connect with the teachers that have been making your favorite ShowMes and let them know how they’ve helped you. Subscribe to them to be updated with future lessons so you can continue expanding your knowledge!


Featured Community Member: Meet Susan Regalia!


Susan Regalia has been a ShowMe Community Member since last fall and has already amassed quite a following. Her clear, comprehensive, and helpful geometry ShowMes are watched in the thousands! You might also recognize her drawing style from the Apple iTunes store–one of her ShowMe lessons serves as an excellent example of what can be done with the app. Be sure to check out Susan’s ShowMe library and subscribe to it!


Tell us about yourself!

I teach high school math at San Ramon Valley High School (SRVHS) in Danville, California. This school is my alma mater and my four grown children are also SRVHS graduates. I have taught Algebra 1 and 2, Geometry and Statistics. I love my school and students. Prior to teaching I practiced as a CPA for 20 years and taught community college courses.

How do you use ShowMe?

This year I have used ShowMe’s to write short geometry concept videos using my iPad. I also have a library of Algebra 2 lessons on Livescribe.

What’s the coolest ShowMe you’ve seen?

I watched a colleague’s ShowMe that was created live during class as a student debriefed her solution to a calculus problem.

How has technology made a difference to your students?

I like using the short video ShowMe tutorials as a resource for students to use at home to preview or review lessons. I focus on using technology as a support resource for class.

Where do you see education technology heading?

I don’t think technology replaces the need for quality human interaction and direct instruction in a math class, but I think it’s a tremendously powerful supplement. I don’t know where education technology is headed, but it will only be as effective as the teacher using it.

When you’re not teaching and learning, what can we find you doing?

I am an outdoor person and a movie and theater buff. I hike, bike and travel with my husband.