ShowMe of the Week: Greenhouse Effect

This week’s ShowMe will introduce you to the one of the causes of global warming – the greenhouse effect. In her ShowMe titled Greenhouse Effect Sharon Churchwell gives a detailed explanation of the greenhouse effect with real-life examples. She describes how water vapor, carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide contribute to greenhouse effect.


ShowMe of the Week: Photosynthesis

Photosynthesis is the process where plants use the sun energy to turn light into chlorophyll. It is considered as the most important chemical process on earth. This week’s ShowMe by Ginger Briggs describes the process of  photosynthesis and how plants are able to create their own food and how they provide food and energy for all living creatures who eat the plants.


ShowMe of the Week: Color Wheel

The ShowMe of the week called “Color Wheel” explains the pattern of mixing colors and creating new ones. In this video Haylie Hales introduces the right way of ‘playing’ with colors and explains the main logic of the color wheel that must be followed in order to succeed in the whole process.


ShowMe of the Week: Understanding the Positive and the Negative Space

Different words can be defined in various ways depending on people’s mentality and approaches. For example the word positive is always associated with good and beneficial approaches of an event or an object, while the word negative has the opposite definition.
In a ShowMe video called “Positive and Negative Space” Nikkie Milner explains the idea of positive and negative space in arts. In arts the positive space is the actual object itself, while the negative space is the background of an object. One should have the ability to distinguish the main focus of an object and its outer space. This technique will make the process of distinguishing the positive and the negative spaces of any object much easier. It gives an opportunity to have a wide range of mind and to be more creative in the entertaining world of art!