Introducing: ShowMe-Scriba Program


There is nothing more important for us than constant improvement and creating your experience of using our app even more enjoyable. In order to make it happen, we just started a new partnership with awesome Scriba tool. As a benefit of this cooperation, we are creating a very exciting program for our users, where you can test the Scriba stylus with the ShowMe app and share your experiences with teachers around the world!

What is Scriba?

Scriba is an amazing tool, a stylus designed around the natural movements of your hand. With a flexible body and dynamic squeeze-motion, Scriba responds to your every touch. Its unique form has been designed for intuitive use, complementing the hand’s natural movements and grip. We believe that Scriba can take the process of creating ShowMes to another level! The stylus is tightly integrated into the ShowMe app interface, makes an already simple to use app quicker to work with and really intuitive and effective! Implementing Scriba can bring plenty of benefits to your classroom: everything you mark, write or draw is going to be more detailed.

How does the project work?

We are looking for ShowMe teachers who would like to receive a $75 worth Scriba stylus for no cost and to try implementing it in their process of creating slides and videos. We want you to play with it: draw, write, mark, everything that is possible! The only thing we expect in return is to learn about your experience. After the program ends we would like to know how you enjoyed working with Scriba, how it improved your technique of building a lesson, every small detail of the changes you noticed during the trial. There is nothing more important for us than your feedback, so in October we are going to organize a webinar to allow all users in the program to share experiences, and get even more inspired!

How to enroll?

Are you excited and ready to try this amazing stylus? We have limited seats in this project so don’t hesitate to sign in! Just fill in the enrollment form below and our team at ShowMe will contact you with further details.

Click here to open the enrollment form.

This is your chance to shape the evolution of your favorite app. We can’t wait to see you as part of this amazing project!