ShowMe Blog Relaunch!


Have you checked out recently?

A lot has happened since we last wrote, most importantly – ShowMe’s official launch into the Apple app store! Come download us today for your iPad and give us a test drive.

We really appreciate all the user feedback received, both during the beta phase and post-launch. Huge thanks to everyone for supporting us through the early stages as we continue to learn and evolve the product. Your input is invaluable – keep it coming!

In other news, we had an awesome time mingling with teachers at ISTE 2011. For those unfamiliar with the conference, ISTE brings together thousands of enthusiastic ed tech professionals and corporate representatives from around the world for five days of professional learning, collaboration, and hands-on demonstration of new technologies for the classroom.

Found someone presenting ShowMe at ISTE 2011!We were pleasantly surprised to see one of the ISTE attendees demoing the app 🙂

This is only the beginning for ShowMe and our amazing group of content contributors. Hang tight, there are many more exciting things to come!

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