How-to: Understand you Profile Page on the ShowMe app.


Your Profile Page

On My iPad:
These are the ShowMes that have been created on this iPad. If you only use one iPad than you will every ShowMe you’ve ever created. If you share the iPad with others then this section will contain all the ShowMes created on that iPad while logged into your account.

These are the ShowMes you have posted to the website, both privately and publicly. You will see a small green image in the right top corner of each Showme. A small globe means the ShowMe is public, a keylock means the ShowMe is private.

This is a list of all the ShowMes from other users that you have liked in the past. A good tip: if you wanted to save a ShowMe to watch later, hit “like” so that it can appear in this feed for future viewing.

This is a list of all the Topics you follow. If you click on a topic it will take you to a page filled with featured ShowMes on the topic of your choice. If you want to follow a new topic, click “Search” in the left hand column. Type something you are interested, for example, Factoring. This will bring you to a list of Factoring Topics that you can chose to follow.

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