ShowMe Premium: Using the Website


One of the many advantages that a ShowMe premium membership has to offer is the ability to manage your students and your content right from your account page on the ShowMe website. While you can upload ShowMes to your account on the website with a normal account, upgrading to premium lets you add entire courses, classes, and groups, among other perks.

Manage Your Students

Perhaps the most robust feature of a ShowMe premium subscription is the ability to add a class roster to your profile. This allows you to assign ShowMes to specific rosters; for example, you might upload a set of ShowMes for sixth-grade algebra and assign them to your sixth-grade class roster. Doing so enhances your organization and saves you time in the process. Uploading a student roster is quite simple as well—all you need is a CSV file of the class’ participants, and you’re good to go.

You can take this organization one step further by creating new courses or groups—both of these options are available on your profile’s home page—and then making each available to the classes or students to whom they pertain. Courses are compilations of ShowMes that have been created for a specific class (e.g., Algebra I), while Groups are compilations of ShowMes for different groups of students that may or may not be using the same content (e.g., two different biology classes).

Join the Community

The ShowMe community is full of brilliant teachers and their respective ShowMe content—why not join them and begin sharing your ideas? The ShowMe website doubles as a social media platform for teachers, allowing you to follow teachers, like teachers or content, and categorize your subscriptions to other teachers both on the website and in the iPad app.

Once you’ve followed a teacher, you can access all of their ShowMes in the timeline section of your profile. If following specific content creators isn’t your cup of tea, however, you can instead browse trending or recent ShowMes on the website to get an idea of how other educators are making the most of ShowMe. This is a great way to brainstorm and learn about new ways to create engaging content for your students.

Private ShowMes

In addition to uploading regular ShowMes from within the app, you can create private ShowMes for long-term lesson planning. Private ShowMes are lessons that only you can see until you choose to make them public; this will help you create lessons ahead of time so that you can gradually unveil them as they become relevant.

Of course, if you’d prefer to share your private ShowMes with select students, you can do that as well. This is a great way to encourage students who are ahead of the curve to begin exploring advanced concepts.

The ShowMe website provides a robust standalone experience that perfectly complements the ShowMe app. With a premium ShowMe account, you can manage your classes and content, network with other teachers, and create private presentations to aid your long-term planning—and all from your profile page.