Introducing: ShowMe Slides!


ShowMe, much like education, is all about community. The educators who use our software on a daily basis provide valuable feedback for how we can continue to improve the ShowMe platform, ensuring a positive, meaningful experience. One of the most frequent questions we received was about the ability to print your ShowMes, making them easy to distribute to students for use when not on a device. Because the video format of ShowMes was not conducive to easy printing, we have introduced a new feature for our users: ShowMe Slides! Using this feature, you can organize your ShowMe lessons by a slide, making it easy to break lessons down into section or print out for distribution.


Why use Slides?

Because ShowMe can incorporate a wide variety of file types, the introduction of Slides makes the platform even more flexible so you can tailor it to your teaching style and curriculum. Each slide can have its own standalone animation, drawing, or other supporting content, allowing for lessons to be broken down into specific, step-by-step instructions. This lets teachers intuitively batch important concepts and ideas together to help students more efficiently understand new material. Chunking content like this has been demonstrated to boost learning rates, and because chunking effectively works with a student’s working memory, can help improve long-term recall of information. By using Slides to organize a lesson, you can simply present each step of a process in easily digestible phases.

Slides are also ideal for educators who like to incorporate physical handouts along with lessons or assignments. Taking notes, and writing down material in general, activates additional neurons during the learning process, creating additional recall pathways. Because slides can be easily printed, you can create accompanying handouts to help keep students engaged throughout each step of your lesson or assign homework directly related to the content covered in your latest ShowMe!

How do I get started?

Adding Slides to your ShowMe creations is as simple as the click (or tap) of a button! In the ShowMe creation interface, you can add new slides to your ShowMe without any hassle, keeping the creation process intuitive and straightforward.

While creating your next ShowMe, in the top toolbar on the right-hand side you will find two arrow buttons. The right arrow adds a new slide and advances your screen to that slide. On a new slide, you can add a new image or file. The left arrow button will bring you back to a previous slide.

When you’ve finished your ShowMe, you can export the slides to save for your reference or to print them out. Because the Slides will be static images, they will show the final image on each screen, including any files, markup, or drawing that you add.

Slide Away!

With the new Slides feature, you can use ShowMe to create engaging, multi-dimensional lessons in new ways. This feature was highly requested by our community, so we’re confident it will improve your ShowMe experience. Make sure you start experimenting with making slides and share your results with us on social media!