#edchat and building your learning community


Today I sat in on the 12PM #edchat on twitter and was totally amazed with what unfolded in only an hour.

I can’t emphasize how awesome #edchat is

For those of you unfamiliar with how it works, every Tuesday at 12PM EST and 7PM EST a huge group of innovative educators and passionate teachers participate in a world-wide chat across the interwebs. They share many ideas about classroom teaching, the goals they have, and most importantly, they help anyone in the community.

I cannot emphasize how awesome #edchat is and the important knowledge that every educator can gain from just listening. You don’t even need a twitter account! Start by going to Twitter and searching “#edchat”.

Today’s topic was: “How will you approach this school year to improve over last year?”. What a great variety of responses! From engaging parents more with social media to focusing on creating collaborative learning environments it is clear that these teachers really care about their students and the future. There was also a whole conversation about flipped classrooms; you can follow that one here: #flipclass. Below is a sampling of my favourite!

So, if you are a teacher, an education innovator, or simply want to be inspired, I highly suggest you check out the next #edchat. It is an excellent way to extend your personal learning network. Follow @ShellTerrell, @TomWhitby, and @web20classroom for more info!