ShowMe of the Month: Balance & Stability


This month we decided to feature an awesome lesson Bio Mechanical Principle – Balance & Stability, created by Chris Bright. Chris is a Senior Physical Education teacher from Auckland, New Zealand. Make sure to check out his awesome library!

At the beginning of the video, Chris explains what are balance and stability. In biomechanics, balance is the ability to maintain the line of gravity within your base of support when in a still position. Stability is an ability to maintain balance while moving the line of gravity in and out of the base of support.

Later on, Chris points out factors that affect balance: center of gravity, line of gravity, and base of support. The lesson covers an explanation of the impact that balance has on performance during physical activity. Chris analyzes examples of football players’ postures. He also describes the balance factors, and how players utilize their muscles in performance.

In the last part of the video, Chris analyzes a series of pictures of a person throwing a ball. He describes the stability and the balance of a movement that happens when someone is trying to throw an object. He explains how should bodies use the concept of moving from a stable position to the unstable position in order to create a movement. Chris ends his lesson with a description of how the power of muscles generates the force to maximize the throw.

In this video, Chris used many images, that later on where described with the recording tool and the drawing tools. If you would like to start creating similar lessons check out our tutorials on how to start with ShowMe slides and videos!