ShowMe gets a mention for reinventing education!


Last week Google Hangouts hosted a discussion tited “Reinventing Education with Khan Academy and AI Class” with none other than Sal Khan, Sebastian Thrun and and Peter Norvig fielding questions from eager participants from around the world. When asked about apps like ShowMe that put teaching tools in the hands of anyone who as a tablet, all three agreed that it was an awesome step forward. Something that Sebastian said when ShowMe was brought up really stuck with me and really gets to the core of what we’re working on at ShowMe.

“So few of us are teachers and so many of us should be teachers, and have an inspiration to be teachers…I think every one of us has a story to tell, has something to do in that space and wants to give on to others”

If you’ve got a piece of knowledge and want to give on to others–we want to help spread your lessons to the world!