Lifelong learners: where and how to continue your education


Lifelong Learners

We’re all about creating an engaging learning community here at ShowMe that not only assists students as they grow but is also a resource for life long learners. Our wealth of lessons created by our educators will continue to expand and we hope your mind grows alongside it!


That said, there are many ways for you to engage yourself in learning opportunities. Just yesterday I read on MindShift that Stanford University has launched three free online classes open to anyone and everyone world wide. Instead of students watching a whole lecture online, everyone will be watching a series of 10 minute video clips and answering quiz questions to track their progress. You can send questions to the community and the professors while you watch, the ones voted up as most valuable will be answered first. Welcome to the 21st century! You can read the whole post over on MindShift.

I love that Stanford has created a program for this because it not only gives access to an amazing university but it also reminds us that everyone learns at their own pace, in their own way. I can see unschoolers using this, college students wanting to delve deeper into a subject, or people like me who just like learning everything about anything.

Everyone learns at their own pace, in their own way

There are several other organizations that make it very easy to continue growing your mind

  • TeachStreet: Easily search your city for already existing classes being offered in a whole host of areas. Yoga, Cooking or even private lessons on the banjo–so many opportunities!
  • Udemy: This is the “Academy of You” and allows anyone to create and publish their own online course. This site is great for individuals who need to learn on their own time.
  • Skillshare: Skillshare is not only focused on getting you to “learn anything from anyone” but also the large social aspect to learning as well. The best Skillshare classes where you can learn something and make new friends!

We would love to hear more ways that you are growing your own learning community!