November Roundup


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We’re always looking for ways to improve ShowMe and we’d love your help. As a valuable community member, your input and ideas can help ShowMe grow! We’ve put together a very short survey to gather your thoughts and learn a little bit more about how you are using ShowMe. Take the survey now and let us know what you think!

Filling the blog with resources

We’ve been sending our thoughts and ideas for how to use ShowMe straight to the blog. Its the best place to read about how to use ShowMe and get ideas from other classrooms! We’ll keep you up to date on what’s going on here at ShowMe HQ as well as share the best educational news and inspirational stories. Watch the blog as we feature the lessons we love from the best teachers, you could be next!

Highlights include How-to use ShowMe with your class blog and How-to use ShowMe to add another voice in the classroom. Head on over and check them out! If you have any burning questions you would like us to help solve, send an email to

Awesome classrooms using ShowMe!

  • Students in Zeeland, MI have been totally blown away that the lessons they created have been helping the greater ShowMe community. Teacher Anthony DiLaura reports that the sense of ownship and pride in their work took on a whole new meaning. Keep up the awesome work!
  • Justin Suran at San Domenico School in California used ShowMe with his students to create stellar presentations about Mesopotamia and Ancient civilizations. We were so impressed with these ShowMes and the hard work that the students put into them. Watch them now to get ideas about how to make a great lesson!
  • Kevin Cummins in Victoria, Austrailia is an e-learning coach and runs the excellent Edgalaxy website. It is chock-full of resources for using tech in the classroom, including some great ideas on how to use ShowMe. Head on over to his blog to learn more.
  • Kit Tisdale, Disabilities Studies Scholar, wrote about the value of repetition in watching a ShowMe for some students. She thinks that the best ShowMe lessons involve the learner. Great idea Kit!
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