What does the research say?


I read a lot of studies and surveys. They are in the news everyday and I like to think that some data can be trustworthy. However, I am inundated with conflicting information (is chocolate healthy for me or not?!) and not sure if anything I read is accurate. 

Lately, I’ve been thinking about the benefits of iPads in the classroom and have a lot of questions. Do we know enough yet to start to draw conclusions to about their benefits or shortcomings? Most teachers I speak to excitedly declare that students are more engaged when using an iPad in class. I hear of results and understanding improving after students watch or create ShowMes, which is totally awesome!

Could using a new tool like a tablet be enough of a catalyst for students and teachers that it causes a transformation of thinking and doing? Do the capabilities of the iPad have enough to offer us that students can be consistently engaged after the magic has worn off and familiarity with the tool sets in?

Suggested reading as we ponder this topic:

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What do you think can be determined about iPads in the classroom?