Top Lessons of 2011: Social Studies!


Thanks very much to Julia Wilson for putting this list together!

Along Rivers by Richard Brady: The world’s first civilization flourished because of its location between two rivers. Watch this ShowMe to learn how Mesopotamia was formed! 

Feudal Structure in Medieval Europe by Mr. Sallee: I’m a sucker for a good flow chart and Mr. Sallee is at it again in this ShowMe teaching us about the class structures in Medieval Europe. Spoiler alert: The King is always at the top!

Gerrymandering by Brian Davis: With a big election coming up, you can be sure the word gerrymandering is going to come up in conversation. In fact, after watching this ShowMe, you’ll probably be the one who wants to talk about it! 

Three Caliphates by Mohamed El-Ashiry: If you haven’t seen the rest of Mohamed’s lessons, I highly recommend them for an in depth inquiry of the history of Islam!

Thirteen Colonies by Andrew Wheelock: The original thirteen colonies flourished because of their trade and products produced in each region. This ShowMe informs us how each of these regions came to have their distinct identities.

Federalists vs. Republicans by Alison Perruso: There used to be how many political parties in the United States? Alison gives us a quick glimpse into the past reminding us that government has always been complicated. 

Tea Party by Lisa Garcia: Before Michele Bachman the Tea Partiers were even more raucous. Lisa teaches us about the original Boston Tea Party in 1773 and where it all began!