Diversity in learning and how that can help us!


Learning is an intensely personal process. While many people can offer assistance along the way to guide a learner, its up to the student to take charge, decide how to learn, then reflect and re-iterate. On the other side of this equation are the teachers who are carefully listening, evaluating and giving feedback. The knowledge, thoughtfulness, and experience of these teachers ensures that every student has an equal shot at success. In short, there’s no one right way to do it!

With that said, we’re all about these students and teachers here at ShowMe. Most importantly, having their feedback to help us inform the direction of our product. We want this diverse range of experiences to help guide us and be the best we can possibly be. Our goal is to not just be a great interactive whiteboard tool and learning resource library but also to have a positive and lasting impact on education. So to do this, we’ll need all of the ideas we can get!

So far we’ve been very lucky to have an active twitter audience and extremely valuable community of students and teachers that share tons of ideas with us. We get on many phone calls every week to check in and share resources as well as listen to people’s thoughts. Its been awesome! We’d like to turn this into a more structured process and be able to support the people that help us out a long the way. We’re excited about what we’ve drummed up to be able to give back and we hope you’ll consider becoming a valuable part of the ShowMe Ambassador community!

More details to come this week! Feel free to leave a comment if you are interested!