ShowMe Ambassadors for teaching and learning: We need you!


As I mentioned on Monday, we’re looking for for educators and learners to share their diverse experiences with us to ensure that ShowMe keeps on improving. We’re so grateful to the people who have helped us so far in our life cycle with feedback, constructive critisism and ideas–Thank you and please keep sending your thoughts our way! With that said, we want to make things more official and also give back even more the community that has helped us this much. We’ve identified the four areas where we need your help to build and strengthen the ShowMe community:

  • Connect with other learners + educators in your area about ways to use iPads and technology for learning
  • Curate: Help us push the best lessons to the top for maximum learning possibility through our curation platform.
  • Educate: Contribute to the blog with news in education, best practices for edtech and inspire conversation about themes in the classroom.
  • Produce: Help ShowMe be where we can’t! Write about classrooms using ShowMe, the successes and how other people can set themselves up for success. Video teachers and students using ShowMe so the community can view those experiences and help us see how people are interacting with the app!
Ambassadors can do one, several or all of the roles above. Whatever works with your schedule and skills! With these responsibilities comes significant perks, ones that we are very proud to offer.
  • Prominent display on the site: You’ll be listed as a proud member of the ShowMe team
  • Recognition on your ShowMe profile as a super star teacher!
  • Extend your impact beyond your classroom walls by building a following as a recommended community member to follow. Be proud of what you teach!
  • Take an advisory role to ShowMe with early access to new versions of the app and sit in on meetings, virtually or in-person, to help us improve the product
  • Partial stipend to attend regional edtech events or 100% stipend if you are organizing or speaking at event (Especially if ShowMe is part of your talk!)
  • Partial stipend to attend professional development or other offline learning opportunities (like a Skillshare class)

So, what do you think? Is anyone interested? We’re really excited about supporting innovative education wherever it occurs!