2012 Greetings and New app updates!


In This Month’s Issue:

1. Big updates + new features for ShowMe!

3. Learn about ShowMe every week at 5PM EST!

3. ShowMe Ambassadors: We need your help to make a difference in education!

New look and new features for ShowMe!

2012 is shaping up to be a great year for ShowMe and we’ve kicked it off with a big update to the app. Make sure you visit the App Store to download it today!

First up is the completely revamped writing tools that are incredibly smoother, more accurate and overall improved. This will help you label intricate details of a graph, indicate country capitals on a map, or work out a multiple step problem without confusing what you just wrote. When you’re recording a ShowMe quickly on the fly, it’s sure to capture your handwriting legibly and clearly.
We’re also really excited about the new image capabilites when creating a ShowMe. Now, when you need to add an image to your lesson, you can perform a Google image search right from within the app! Just tap the icon, type your search term and pick from the results!
In addition to these big overhauls, we’ve got more to fill you in on!

  • You’ll notice that the tool bar has moved from the right hand of the screen to the top. We listen to the community and decided that increasing the space and setting the record button apart would lead to less accidental stops and pauses. Plus, it looks great!
  • An awesome but invisible update: improved upload time! Now you’ll wait less to see your ShowMe on the web.
  • Subscribing and Friending: We changed the way to follow community members on ShowMe. Subscribing allows you to see all public ShowMes created by a member. Friending lets you see all private ShowMes created, which is great for groups of people or classrooms that are using ShowMe to learn together!

Thanks for sending us your feedback. Keep it coming so we can continue improving!

Learn best practices and meet your fellow community members!

We do our best to talk to as many of our community members as possible each week. Everyone has such great ideas and use cases for ShowMe, we want to share all of them! So, we’re hosting our own weekly Google Hangouts to meet you, share what we’ve learned and talk about ShowMe!

Every Wednesday at 5PM EST we’ll be waiting to chat so add it to your calendar. Please join us if you want to learn more, introduce yourself to us or give us feedback! Need more details or can’t make a session? Email kika@showme.com.

Join the ShowMe Ambassadors!

We’re so grateful to everyone who has shared ShowMe with a friend, taught a workshop, or sent a tweet with support. All of these things have helped our community grow for the better and we want to encourage everyone to keep up the hard work!


We’ve started the ShowMe Ambassador programto do just this and to give back to all of you. We’re looking for people all over the world who are just as passionate as we are to make a difference in education! The most exciting perk we’re offering is a partial stipend to regional or local edtech events (100% stipend if you are hosting or speaking and a partial stipend for professional development or other offline learning opportunities (like a Skillshare class where you learn to code!)

Sound like something you are interested in? Don’t hesitate to apply today!

Please feel free to reach out to us via email, Twitter, or Facebook with ideas and feedback

All the best,

The ShowMe Team

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