Calling all teachers! Nominations needed for TED 2012


It’s hard to escape the undeniable spell that TED videos cast over viewers. Hearing from the top minds is incredibly inspiring! If you haven’t seen any yet, I suggest you visit the site now or download one of the apps.

I consider myself lucky because in my job, I get to talk to extremely moving and motivating people everyday. Those people are teachers. Day in and day out, they stand-up in front of groups of young people and encourage them to go-forth and change the world. What’s more inspiring than that?

This year, worlds are coming together. TED has put out a call for “the world’s best teachers” to present at TED2012. Teachers who stand at the front of class every day now have the chance to share their message with the world! The description reads

We’re especially keen to include brilliant EXPLANATIONS, meaningful A-HA moments, powerful STORIES, indelible IMAGES.

If you think you’re ready, submit your name now  or nominate a friend. There are only so many hours in the day I can spend submitting names!