Top ShowMe Lessons of 2011: Math!


Relations and Functions by Mike Poliquin: This teacher is new to the ShowMe scene but has already created quite an extensive math lesson library. These are must-see algebra ShowMes!

Seven times eight, break it up by Sara Ritchie: Sara does a great job at laying the ground work for figuring out a multiplication strategy. Try breaking it up next time you need to multiply two numbers (its my secret trick too!)

Single step addition equations by Eva Glasscock: When it comes to equations you’ve got to start with the basics. This awesome ShowMe walks through how to solve single step equations! 

Decimals into percents by MD: I’m a big fan of student ShowMes because I think learners speak the same language. This student has made some great lessons so start with this quick on on how to convert decimals into percents! 

To see more excellent math lesson, visit the math topic page over on the ShowMe site. You can dive into the subject even more by filtering through subtopics like algebra, geometry and more in the sidebar of the page!