Featured User #3: Meet Pedro A Tamayo

Featured User - Pedro A TamayoMeet Pedro A Tamayo, an economics professor from Madrid. Learn about basic economics concepts in Spanish! ShowMe has truly gone global 🙂

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Can you tell us a little about yourself?
I teach Economics at the Spanish distance University (UNED), to students of different areas like Social Work, Law, and Public Management. My teaching activity is fully based on e-learning, that’s why I try to select the best tools to develop content for my students. When not working, I like to read novels, watch movies, and try new tech gadgets.

How do you currently use ShowMe?
I’m trying ShowMe as a tool to be used massively next course into an Economics teaching & learning open community, Facebook based, we are designing. Its simplicity to use and to embed, with its powerful explaining capabilities, make it perfect to review complex ideas and to show graphical explanations of economics concepts. And so we will contribute to enrich the open community of ShowMe.

Do you have any advice for someone new to creating a ShowMe lesson?
Try to make it simple, as if you were using a piece of paper to explain a single idea or concept. And make it short, a five minutes recording as much.

What’s the coolest ShowMe you’ve seen (aside from your own, of course)?
I think all ShowMe lessons are cool because each of them has something to explain. I value very much the power of simplicity when explaining something, as if you were in front of a whiteboard into a classroom. If I have to choose someone, I like very much those recorded by kids, because they show a great creativity when explaining something to others or to themself, much more creativity than adults.

What do you think are some of the biggest challenges teachers face?
To engage students. It’s a challenge that we can afford using properly new tools, and new approaches, competing with the informal learning they have access to.

Where do you see education technology headed?
I think that education technology and its future development is headed to foster open learning and teaching, and to change the places where we teach in. Learning is no longer only an activity closed into bricks schools or universities, and there are very interesting movements in that way, as the Flipping the Classrom experiences are showing.


Featured User #2: Meet Erica Brown

Featured User - Erica BrownHey everyone! This week we had the opportunity to chat with Erica Brown, an Honors and AP Chemistry teacher in Cape Cod with about 20 years of teaching experience. We love her chemistry ShowMes – be sure to check them out!

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You say that it has been awhile since you created a ShowMe, but what can we look forward to once you’re back in the ShowMe game?
I plan on creating some general interest videos like “Why Ice Floats”. I also want to develop some ShowMes for this interactive textbook I’m working on. The students can watch the videos as they go through the curriculum. I really love how showmes can be easily embedded into my personal website.

What are some interesting ShowMes you’ve watched?
I mostly watch chemistry ShowMes. The “First Order of Kinetics” ShowMe was very interesting. However, you need to remember to put yourself in the students’ shoes. The difficulty students might have with ShowMe is that each video concept is very isolated. It would be great to watch lessons in a more organized curriculum/playlist.

Speaking of watching online videos, how do you feel about the flipped classroom concept?
I started assigning videos last year (ex: Khan Academy) for students to watch at home. Some of the more advanced students complained about the videos going too slowly, while other students loved the assignments. I’m actually pushing for more teachers at my school to start using online resources in their curriculum. It’s been an uphill battle so far.

Any future plans for ShowMe?
I want to have students make their own videos for extra credit. On a side note, I also plan on using Skype at night to interact with students. Students are so busy nowadays after school with extracurricular activities!

With school out, what have you been doing with your spare time?
I spent a lot of time this summer at the beach. I also love to garden. It’s actually a nice break from all the electronics to just take a step back and spend some time outside with Mother Nature. The fresh air really helps clears my mind, and you never know where new inspiration may strike!


Featured User #1: Meet Joe Erpelding

Featured User - Joe ErpeldingWe’re excited to present today our first ShowMe Featured User! Meet Joe Erpelding, a principal/teacher in California who has created several awesome math ShowMes including one of our personal favorites, Compare and Order Whole Numbers.

Visit Joe’s awesome ShowMe Portfolio: http://www.showmeapp.com/user5377

Can you tell us a little about what you do?
I’m a principal at an elementary school in California. I also teach math there.

How are you and the teachers at your school using ShowMe?
I really like the idea of having two people talk to each other during a ShowMe. My son is usually with me in my videos, and he and I can talk about common misconceptions people have. Right now we’ve only made videos about math, but we hope to create some science lessons soon.

Other teachers at our school plan on using ShowMe to implement a partially flipped classroom starting next year. The lessons will be level specific instead of grade specific. We’ll start pushing out more content around August in preparation for school.

What’s the coolest ShowMe you’ve seen?
I’ve seen a lot of math ones, but I get really excited about science ones. I also really liked the sports strategy ShowMes.