ShowMe of the Month: Water Cycle


This month featured ShowMe is all about the environment and the water cycle. This time the students took over their teacher’s account and explained the topic themselves! Asking students to create their own ShowMes is a great idea to engage them, and a fun way to ask for homework!

A ShowMe user Alex Hawkins let his students build their own ShowMe creations and present how water circulates. One of the students tells that there are three main parts in the water cycle and those are evaporation, condensation, and precipitation. She mainly focuses on the definition of those words and explains how the cycle works in our environment. Check out the ShowMe here.

Another student goes more in details and uses terms such as infiltration, plant uptake, evapotranspiration etc. So as we can see besides describing the three main parts of the water cycle the student also tells us how they are interconnected. This ShowMe can be found here.

Let us know if you ask your students to create their own ShowMes! Make sure you know how to use the Study Groups feature, where you can approve and edit your students’ work.