Featured Applications: Student-Made ShowMes

Students are the Expert! Looking for a new way to engage your students?  Let them be the teacher!  In this Student-Made ShowMe, Adam from Mrs. Giannandrea’s math class, teaches us how to use expanded form to subtract two-digit numbers.  Not only does he show his thinking to his teacher, but she tweets about it in… Read more »

ShowMe of the Week: Feudalism

This ShowMe by Jim Meade helps us understand what Feudalism was like in Ancient China. (An idea that was adapted by the Japanese and Europe!) Why do you think Feudalism helped cause the fall of the Zhou Dynasty? Please upgrade your browser

ShowMe of the Week: Polygons

Please upgrade your browser This week’s featured ShowMe is from Bonnie Kulenkamp and thoroughly teaches us the basics in understanding polygons. This a great video for elementary students learning about more complex shapes!

ShowMe of the Week: Nouns and Verbs

This student created ShowMe, made by Alli, gives a simple yet comprehensive overview of Nouns and Verbs! Please upgrade your browser  

ShowMe of the Week: Predictions with Proportions in Probability

This ShowMe was created by Jennifer Maichin! In this ShowMe we learn how to make predictions with proportions in probability, using an example math problem about marbles.   viagra online includes consultation order usa viagra online Please upgrade your browser

Featured ShowMes: 8/12

Multiplying integers: Yvette shares a really fun and creative way to multiply integers. We love her way of showing us how to remember which sign a number takes when multiplied. Thanks Yvette! Please upgrade your browser Indo-European language tree: Blaine created a great explanation for his class about the origins of European languages. This is… Read more »

Featured ShowMes: 8/5

Ideas for classroom use: Britt created a great ShowMe about different ways to use ShowMe. We’re huge fans of all the ideas in this one, so any teachers thinking about incorporating ShowMe into their classrooms should check this one out! Please upgrade your browser (a + b)^2: Daniel’s ShowMe is a great example of how… Read more »

Featured ShowMes: 7/29

Metric Conversions: Mr. Black put together a great ShowMe explaining conversions in the metric system. It’s worth sending to any student who are having trouble understanding! Please upgrade your browser Stepping Up in ShowMe: L Homgren created an awesome ShowMe on how to optimize ShowMe. For anyone trying to incorporate ShowMe into the classroom, this… Read more »

Featured ShowMes: 7/22

Along rivers: Robert put together an amazing ShowMe on why early civilizations formed along rivers. “Along rivers” is definitely one of the better ShowMe’s we’ve ever seen, so give it a watch if you have a minute! U-sub demo: Daniel goes through u-substitution in an extremely clear way. For any students or teachers of calculus… Read more »