How-to: Use a screenshot from your computer with ShowMe

Although its now easy to find images of almost anything within the app thanks to our new web image search, sometimes you need to grab a piece of text right from your computer. In these cases, its extremely helpful to know how to take a screenshot of what is on your computer screen.

With a mac, this can be done very easily with just tapping a few keys. To select only a portion of your screen or a body of text:

  1. Tap Command + Shift + 4, all at the same time
  2. Your mouse will turn into a small + which you can click and drag around your desired text
  3. Let go of your mouse and you will find the image saved to your desktop.
  4. Email the screenshot to yourself then open and download to your photo library on your iPad. It will be waiting for you when you go to insert a photo on the app!
If you’d like to take a photo of your entire screen and don’t need to edit anything out:
  1. Tap Command + Shift + 3, all at the same time.
  2. You’ll find the image on your desktop and you can follow step 4 above to get it on to your iPad!
Thanks to C. Harun Boke for suggesting this How-to!

How To: Prepare before recording your ShowMe

Before you hit record you can add text and images the same way you would while recording. Doing this prep work before you record creates a smoother more concise  ShowMe for viewers.

Images: You can chose photos from your photo library, take a photo or (the coolest option) search for an image on the web! If you insert an image you will see a tool bar underneath. This tool bar allows you to delete the image, rotate it, and move images to the front or back of your screen (which is handy when you have multiple images.) You can also resize your ShowMe by pinching the image in to shrink or out to grow with two fingers.
**Tip: if you are going to be using a lot of images in your ShowMe it can be useful to layer images on top of one another before you record for a smoother transition between images while recording.
Now that you have prepared for your ShowMe, hit record and begin! 🙂

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How-to: Use the Pause, Undo and Clear-all buttons when Creating a ShowMe

Using Undo:
Using the Undo arrow in your ShowMe works similarly to most other Undo buttons. Clicking the half-circle arrow will allow you to remove the very last thing you have done in your ShowMe. It can undo text, photos or accidental marks you might have made. If you click Undo again it will continue to remove the last thing you have done until you are eventually left with a blank screen like when you began.

Using Clear Whiteboard (Clear All):
If you are completely done with the slide you’ve been working on and you want a fresh blank page, you can use the Clear Whiteboard button. When you click it will show a text box “Are you sure you want to clear the whiteboard?” If you made a mistake click cancel, but if you do want to clear the screen click “ok” and all of your work will be cleared.

Using Pause:
Pause is a very valuable tool when creating a ShowMe. After you hit record the button will turn into the pause button. When you click Pause a text box will appear that says “To resume recording, tap the pause button.” You will also know you have successfully paused because the timekeeper at the bottom of your ShowMe has stopped progressing forward. The ShowMe stops recording when you click pause, so you can take this time to import images, write large amounts of text, or ponder what to say next in your ShowMe. Simply press pause again when you are ready to continue recording.

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How-to: Understand you Profile Page on the ShowMe app.

Your Profile Page

On My iPad:
These are the ShowMes that have been created on this iPad. If you only use one iPad than you will every ShowMe you’ve ever created. If you share the iPad with others then this section will contain all the ShowMes created on that iPad while logged into your account.

These are the ShowMes you have posted to the website, both privately and publicly. You will see a small green image in the right top corner of each Showme. A small globe means the ShowMe is public, a keylock means the ShowMe is private.

This is a list of all the ShowMes from other users that you have liked in the past. A good tip: if you wanted to save a ShowMe to watch later, hit “like” so that it can appear in this feed for future viewing.

This is a list of all the Topics you follow. If you click on a topic it will take you to a page filled with featured ShowMes on the topic of your choice. If you want to follow a new topic, click “Search” in the left hand column. Type something you are interested, for example, Factoring. This will bring you to a list of Factoring Topics that you can chose to follow.

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