ShowMe on the Tightwad Teacher podcast!


Last week I had the pleasure of recording a podcast with John Mikulski, a teacher who uses ShowMe in his classroom, and Shawn Kibel, a technology integrator in a Texas school. I am very grateful to have been included and given the opportunity to share what ShowMe is all about! I’m happy to announce that you can now listen to the podcast over at Element Opie, the interview starts at around 11 minutes. Its really invigorating to discuss our philosophy and mission for the future, it fuels my fire for being passionate about changing education. Thanks again John and Shawn!

Listen to: The Tightwad Teacher podcast, Episode #15  featuring ShowMe

As mentioned in the podcast, we’re looking for evangelists to help us decide what the best version of ShowMe could be so don’t hesitate to get in contact with your ideas. Shawn suggested that we would be a great addition to any career day chat, which of course we would love to contribute to. Send me an email at if you are interested in either of these!