ShowMe Of The Month: Making Comparisons in Spanish


Between September 15th and October 15th, we are celebrating National Hispanic Heritage Month, and to cherish this wonderful event, as ShowMe of The Month, we are featuring a Spanish language lesson by Sr. Crowell.

Sr Crowell is a teacher at Kirkwood in the Kirkwood School District, and he has been teaching Spanish for over three years.

In his lesson titled “Grammar Tip: Making Comparisons in Spanish,” Sr Crowell gives his students extra tips on how to make a correct comparison in Spanish.

He provides students with a variety of words, and rules that are essentials to make a comparison in Spanish. Sr Crowell points out grammar patterns (tan + adj. + como) and explains where to place compared adjectives. He shows students many examples, translates and explains them.

In the second part of the lesson, Sr Crowell presents how to do a negative comparison, by placing ‘no’ in a particular place in the sentence.

Another grammar rule that is explained in the lesson is a comparison done around a noun and not an adjective. This type of comparison, in English, can be translated into ‘as much as’, that goes ‘tanto (a) + noun + como’.

At the end of the video, students receive many exercises where they can practice grammar. Each sentence includes a new vocabulary that students need to learn for the upcoming class.


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