Featured User #6 – Meet Ixchell

Meet Ixchell, an outstanding ESL teacher hailing from southern California. Her English tutorials are inspired by her ESL students and we are proud to have her work showcased here at ShowMe. Visit Ixchell’s awesome ShowMe portfolio: http://www.showme.com/ESLStrawberry Can you tell us a little about yourself? I currently teach English as a second language for students… Read more »

App Store Volume Purchase Program Tips

Are you an educator looking to buy apps for your school’s new iPads? With all the awesome education apps out there, prices can quickly add up in your shopping cart. We learned some great tips from Gina at #EdCampNYC on how to best utilize the App Store Volume Purchase Program (ASVPP) to get special pricing on… Read more »

Skype + ShowMe in the classroom!

Today I had the great pleasure of Skyping with Josh Rosenberg’s classroom in Shelby, NC. It was totally awesome! To give you some background, Josh is a High School Biology teacher and blogs on his site StudyDesigned. We met via the interwebs when he wrote a great post about how his 10th graders are using… Read more »

Featured user #5: Meet Mark Herring

Meet Mark Herring, one of our favourite educators from New Zealand! Mark has been a big fan of ShowMe from the start and is adding it to his tool box so he can continue doing innovative things in this classroom. Way to go Mark! Visit Mark’s excellent ShowMe portfolio, complete with examples of student work!… Read more »

#Edcampnyc and what I learned

This past weekend I attended my very first EdCamp right here in NYC. The event, held at The School at Columbia University, was put on as an alternative and innovative professional development unconference for educators. It was refreshing to attend an event organized by teachers, to help teachers, also, that there are no rules at… Read more »

Exciting updates at ShowMe!

Major changes have arrived for the ShowMe website this week! Take a moment to check out these new features: New buttons on ShowMe lessons — Really love what you’re watching? Send some applause so the creator knows! If their ShowMe needs a little improvement, clicking Needs work will let them know. Topic pages — We’ve… Read more »

Let’s thank our Teachers

Looking back, I know that I have more than a few teachers who guided me to where I am today. Their knowledge, kindness, and ability to challenge me built a foundation for the way I learn. So, you know what I’m going to do? I’m going to thank them! Years have gone by and I’ve… Read more »

How should we be bringing technology into the classroom?

Technology has come a long way since I was in school taking touch typing classes every two weeks. While I did hone my keyboard skills relatively fast for a 5th grader, children now have technology ingrained in them before they even enter school. Which keeps on bringing us back to the question, how should we… Read more »

Featured User #4: Meet JR Ginex-Orinion

Meet JR Ginex-Orinion, one of our original beta testers who has created numerous outstanding chemistry ShowMes. He’s been very busy lately with a happy new addition to his family, so it was great to finally sit down and catch up over Skype! Visit JR’s awesome ShowMe Portfolio: http://www.showme.com/jr_orinion Can you tell us a little about… Read more »

Technology in Hong Kong Schools

We are happy to present today some insight from Iris Qiu on the state of education in Hong Kong and how technology is reshaping the way students are taught. Don’t forget to check out her awesome ShowMes on learning Chinese (like this one on making egg fried rice)! I am currently working at 3D Avatar School… Read more »