ShowMe of the Week: Origami Snowflake

ShowMe of the Week Origami Snowflake Feeling frosty? Grab some paper and let’s get crafty!   3D Snowflake by Angie Golden, is an easy and cheap way to spruce up any boring space! Angie has many ways to be creative in the classroom (or just for fun! Check out her page.) For this small, yet… Read more »

ShowMe of the Week: 5 Facts About Space

      ShowMe of the Week 5 Facts about Space Do you know how fast Earth travels through space? This ShowMe by elementary student, Angel Davidson, who shares some fun facts about space! This creative Michigan resident loves making ShowMes on just about anything for other kids her age. She simply researches something that… Read more »

Featured Applications: Student-Made ShowMes

Students are the Expert! Looking for a new way to engage your students?  Let them be the teacher!  In this Student-Made ShowMe, Adam from Mrs. Giannandrea’s math class, teaches us how to use expanded form to subtract two-digit numbers.  Not only does he show his thinking to his teacher, but she tweets about it in… Read more »

Featured User: Matthew Forrest

We are excited to get to know Matthew Forrest, who teaches Precalculus, Calculus, and AP Calculus at St. Augustine Prep in New Jersey.  He is involved in many after school programs, works at a friend’s restaurant for fun, and loves spending time with his bird, cat, and dog (all of which love accidentally interrupting his… Read more »

Featured User: Ivona Maric

Today we have the privilege of talking with Ivona Maric, a math and physics professor in the Cleveland area. She shares our passion for reaching students in a meaningful way and shares, “If I can do it, anyone can, no matter what it is.”    She is excited to start expanding her ShowMes past her own… Read more »

The Fresh New ShowMe 7.0

“The Showme videos allow me to give personal instruction to students who may need repeated views of the lesson. My students are excited to see the newest video.”   –Nicole Washington, Math Teacher at East Hartford Middle School Get as excited as your students for the newest update of ShowMe! We had you in mind with… Read more »

Student Conferences – made easy with ShowMe

With a new school year already here, you may find yourself already reflecting on how to grow as an educator over the next 9 months.  Maybe you’ll try using a new classroom management style, that cool new tech tool, or just keep your “To Grade” stack shorter than your coffee cup. Or maybe loftier, year… Read more »

Featured Application: Homework Help & Home Extensions

  “When teachers design homework to meet specific purposes and goals, more students complete their homework and benefit from the results” – Epstein & Van Voorhis   Effective educators are always looking for ways to bridge the gap between school and home.  However there can always be challenges for extending learning beyond the school day…. Read more »

Office 365 Education Solutions

We are excited to announce our partnership with Microsoft Education Solutions!  Now you will be able to register or sign into ShowMe through your Office 365 account.  Just one more way to make education easy and effortless! Microsoft is also featuring us on Office 365 Education Solutions!  Check us out here, where we are moving up to… Read more »

ISTE 2016 Conference

“ShowMe has helped my students by providing an additional resource they can go to at any hour. Students love how easy it is and I love all the uses it has in my classroom.” -Michelle Strand ShowMe joined the ISTE 2016 conference in Denver, Colorado! It was great to meet people from across the globe,… Read more »