How a 4th Grade Math Teacher Flipped Classroom with ShowMe

Meet Frank Briganti, a 4th-grade math teacher who implemented flipped classroom into his teaching process. ‘I have been using ShowMe to post tutorial math videos on my class website for several years’ he says. He finds educational technology as a wonderful learning and teaching tool, which brings interactivity on both levels: among students, and between students and a teacher. Frank admits, ‘The interactivity is engaging, fun and educational!’.  



Introducing: Pen Thickness

ShowMe is improving again! This time we decided to focus on a feature which could make your process of creating slides and videos easier and more interesting.



How to change the pen thickness?

Changing the pen thickness is a very useful tool which gives you an opportunity to design extraordinary slides and videos. It can help you mark parts of your lesson in a more visible way or create even more detailed drawings.



ShowMe: Enriching Global Education with Flipped Learning Technology

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Flipped learning is a blended learning process which makes learning more engaging and fruitful for learners and involves them in the learning process without much effort. This is the most acclaimed and admired process of education today where the classroom activities and homework assignments are reversed or flipped. The new generation has become smart and so has the learning and teaching process. With the flipped etiquettes of technology, the learning methodology has also been flipped to enrich the classroom experience.

ShowMe is a flipped learning technology that turns a touchscreen device into a personal interactive whiteboard allowing teachers to easily record voice-over lessons and share with their private classrooms or a community of teachers and students. Founded in 2009, ShowMe graduated from the DreamIt Ventures accelerator and received an initial funding from reputable VCs such as Lerer Hippeau, SV Angel, Betaworks, Learn Capital, Bold Start, and Eniac. ShowMe is building a global learning community – a place where anyone can learn or teach anything. The mission of this company is to connect great educators and experts with the students across the world. With rising number of tablet devices and iPads at schools across the world, ShowMe is steadily expanding its user base, already reaching more than 20 million teachers and students.



Chapa Middle School Teacher Implementing Blended Learning in Her Classroom

Melissa Townsend (@teacherTWNSD) is a 6th grade Math Teacher at Chapa Middle School. An avid ShowMe user, Ms. Townsend recently organized blended learning stations in her classroom, letting her group of large students collaborate with each other thanks to seamless sharing of ShowMe lessons and projects.



Introducing Closed Captions

Starting today, you can caption all your ShowMe videos and give your content the polish it needs to reach everyone in your classroom.

ShowMe’s closed captions feature is a premium feature that is relevant to all ShowMe educators, including anything from the Kindergarten level to university instructors or professors. There are three main goals that this feature encompasses: helps to seamlessly add subtitles to online courses and meet the educational requirements, makes quality education even more accessible to students around the globe, and provides so many more benefits that improve your classroom experience.


Join ShowMe Community on Social Media

ShowMe’s positive impact on your classroom is immediate and easy to see: students engage and take ownership over their content, your content can be divided up amongst different groups to facilitate focused learning, and the flipped classroom model ties everything together into a neat package. However, ShowMe’s indisputably most valuable asset is you.



Upload ShowMe slides and videos directly into Google Drive

As a classroom aid, one of many purposes of ShowMe is to provide an intuitive tool that helps make your teaching as simple and stress-free as possible. While creating presentations from within the ShowMe app is very convenient, until now it wasn’t always easy to take your work with you. Today, we are thrilled to announce our Google Drive full integration.



Google Classroom integration is now available

Google Classroom is an incredibly important tool for educators everywhere. The ability to organize and manage your classes in an online setting facilitates inclusivity while fostering an understanding and appreciation of technology for your students; unfortunately, it also means that your online teaching tools are often confined to your selected tool. While Google Classroom offers plenty of resources, ShowMe’s integrated Google Classroom support will help elevate your curriculum even further.



How to use ShowMe on desktop

ShowMe is optimized from the ground up for mobile use, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t do plenty from your workstation. By accessing your ShowMe profile page from the ShowMe website, you can edit your profile, create courses and groups, view and edit your existing courses, and more. Any changes that you make will immediately carry over to the ShowMe app on your tablet.