How to search and import files into your ShowMe

While ShowMe’s main appeal is that is allows you to create and save your files within the app, there are times where you need to add an existing file—such as a photo—to your presentation. Advanced file-importing features are available for ShowMe Premium users, but your free account allows you to add or take photos as well as select a background for your ShowMe.


The Many Ways to Use ShowMe App

ShowMe isn’t just a whiteboard app; it’s also a social hub for teachers, as well as a compendium of your saved assignments and groups. From within the ShowMe app, you can create an assignment, post it to your profile, check in with local educators, and view your current courses—all in a few seconds!


Getting the Most Out of ShowMe Slides and Videos

ShowMes take two main forms: slide presentations, and video presentations. Slides consist of static images with written or drawn content, while video presentations allow you to narrate your drawn or written actions while performing them. Both of these options are available for use with your free ShowMe account, along with the ability to save up to 15 minutes’ worth of ShowMes.


Stay Organized with Courses

Good organizational skills are crucial in any classroom setting—both for you and for your students. With ShowMe Premium’s Courses feature, you can keep your content organized and tidy on a class-by-class, year-by-year basis.


Private ShowMes for Private Circumstances

While sharing your ShowMes publicly is perfectly safe, there may come a time when you would rather share a ShowMe only with one student or group—or even keep the entire lesson to yourself. With ShowMe Premium, you can do just that.



ShowMe Premium: Downloading ShowMes

ShowMe’s cloud storage means that you can access your personal projects anytime, anywhere—but what if you want to share your ShowMe with people who don’t use the app? With ShowMe Premium’s download feature, you can bridge the gap between your content and the outside world.



ShowMe Premium: Save Your ShowMes as Drafts

A teacher’s life is often hectic and full of interruptions, delays, and spontaneous incidents; as such, you most likely don’t always have time to plan an entire ShowMe in one sitting. Luckily, with ShowMe Premium’s Draft feature, you don’t have to.



ShowMe Spotlight: The Drawing Tool

If you’ve used ShowMe on your iPad, you’re probably familiar with the drawing tool that allows you to illustrate your lessons while narrating. The drawing tool is ShowMe’s centerpiece, so it’s important for your experience while using it to be as smooth as possible. While we’re sure that you’re familiar with the drawing tool basics, there are a couple of things you may not know that can improve your lessons.



Introducing: ShowMe Slides!

ShowMe, much like education, is all about community. The educators who use our software on a daily basis provide valuable feedback for how we can continue to improve the ShowMe platform, ensuring a positive, meaningful experience. One of the most frequent questions we received was about the ability to print your ShowMes, making them easy to distribute to students for use when not on a device.


ShowMe Spotlight: Typing Tool

While much of your work in ShowMe will likely be based around using the drawing tool, there are times where you need to fit a detailed description or a tip on the screen; in cases such as these, the drawing tool won’t cut it, no matter how precise your stylus is. Fortunately, ShowMe’s built-in typing tool allows you to create a text box anywhere on your ShowMe slide.