Summer Reading Conversation on June 7th

Please upgrade your browser On June 7th the New York Times Learning Network is hosting a twitter conversation about Summer Reading. This is open to people of all ages to share what’s on their sumer reading list and recommendations for others! Simply share your thoughts about summer reading on twitter and finish off the tweet… Read more »

Friday Round Up 5/25/12

Happy Memorial Day weekend to all that celebrate! On June 7, Join the Conversation About Summer Reading On June 7th the NY Times Learning Network is hosting a day long twitter conversation to kick off their Third Annual Summer Reading Contest which begins June 15th and runs till August 17th. On June 7th people will… Read more »

ShowMe 101, The Basic Steps to Begin Creating!

So you’ve downloaded the app, created an account and you’re ready to create your first ShowMe? Awesome! Here are the basic steps to create a ShowMe, upload and share your lesson. Pro Tips before we begin: 1. Always speak clearly! 2. Always be writing! (Just listening to voice can be dull) 3. Try to keep… Read more »

The New Community Forum!

We are excited to announce we now have a Community Forum for our users! We hope this can become a valuable place for community members to share ideas and help support each other as we use ShowMe! On the Forum we hope to : Discuss Feedback and Improvement for our App and Website Share different… Read more »

ShowMe of the Week: Greenhouse Effect

Thanks to Sharon Churchwell for this fantastic ShowMe! It provides a comprehensive overview of how we get carbon dioxide and methane gas into our atmosphere and how they help warm our planet. This also explains (as the title claims) the greenhouse effect and the concept of global warming! Please upgrade your browser

Friday Round Up 5/18/2012

It’s a beautiful day in New York and it should be a nice weekend as well. I hope everyone else is experiencing good weather for the weekend! Is the Master’s Degree the New Bachelor’s Degree? This article highlights how many careers that previously required only a bachelors degree are now seeking out applicants that have… Read more »

Friday Round Up 5/11/12

Are We Wringing the Creativity Out of Kids? In the process of writing his new book, Imagine: How Creativity Works Jonah Lehrer has discovered that many children lose their playful sense of creativity as they get older, specifically between the ages of 3rd-5th grade. Lehrer believes this is partially because our students are deemed valuable based… Read more »

My humble experience

I still remember my first lesson introducing ShowMe to my students. I had concerns; would students be able to connect to the website and watch the videos, would they like the videos, would they enjoy working on the subject via their laptops, etc. I was really excited;  this was my first time that I integrated… Read more »

Our Awesome Educator Community!

This weekend Kika and I attended edcampNYC. Edcamp, described as an “unconference”, is free and put together entirely by educators in different cities throughout the United States. This was my first edcamp and I really enjoyed the comfortable, supportive atmosphere. All attendees are invited to host workshops. It was acceptable to switch between workshops halfway through if you… Read more »

ShowMe of the Week: Frog Lifecycle

I loved learning about animals and lifecycles! This ShowMe from Barbara Ainscough demonstrates the lifecycle of a frog. Please upgrade your browser